data centre design & Construction Project

Week 2

Partitioning off the Data Centre 

INFINITI IT LIMITED a data centre consultancy and construction specialist has been awarded a "Fast Track" data centre design & build contract for a large global finance company with UK headquarters located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be providing you with a detailed insight that covers the implementation of a Micro data centre facility. This Blog will cover all installation works right through to final commissioning, witness testing, project completion and handover to our client all within an aggressive 6 week programme.

The design ethos of the data centre facility is scalable and offers our client a complete flexibility with future expansion and will accommodate 100% growth if required, but still ensuring losses are kept to a minimum and that the data centre is as efficient as possible even at lower initial day loads.

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Performance Specification Overview

  • Modular Data Centre Construction with 1 hour fire rated composite panels
  • Heavy duty raised access flooring system
  • Modular 80kW N+1 APC Symmetra UPS with approx. 9 minutes autonomy
  • 70kW N+1 efficient Direct Expansion CRAC units fitted with EC fans
  • N Generator & Changeover Panel
  • High Density 7kW per cabinet with intelligent switched monitored PDU's
  • Hot aisle containment
  • IG55 Fire Suppression system
  • CCTV & Access control
  • CAT6 & OM3 data connectivity and cabinet patch links

Following client approval of our detailed designs and construction health & safety construction phase plan (CDM) we have successfully mobilised on site to begin this exciting fast track project.

Our site office has now been established the correct site safety signage and fire extinguishers are now positioned accordingly. The design team spent Monday producing and finalising the construction drawings to issue to our contractors accordingly.

Data Centre Build Showing Old Unsuitable Floor Surface

The installation team stripped out the existing office grade raised access floor which is only rated at 3.5kn/m2 and not suitable for the diverse loadings of any data centre

Data Centre Build Using Partition Walls

Installation of dividing sound proof partition walling to minimise noise generated by the power and cooling plant. Data centre have notoriously noisy environments with sound levels exceeding 70db so it’s vital that noise doesn’t affect other areas of the office and more importantly staff.

Removal of Old Heating Pipes Before Data Centre Installation

The existing office heating system and associated pipework is isolated, removed and stored. Complete removal of existing heating building services mitigates the risk of water ingress into the data centre.

Data Centre Composite Walling, Securiclad Option

Installation of the modular data centre (MDC) which comprises of 100mm Rockwool insulated composite walling

This construction method for data centres is favoured over more traditional builds due to its 1 hour fire integrity and security rating, sound reduction of up to 30db and fast dust free installation with no requirement for any wet trades such as painters & plasterers. The walls are bonded together with fire sealant and fixed to both the ceiling and floor slab with a mixture of rivets and traditional heavy duty screws and plugs.

Data Centre Composite Walling

Holes are cut through the external walls to accommodate the fire suppression extract system, fresh air ventilation, pressure relief damper, generator and air-conditioning pipework. 

Data Centre Steel Window Panels

The double glazing from the windows is removed and replaced with heavy duty steel security panels.  

Data Centre Composite Walling, Securiclad Option With a Doorway Acess

The modular data centre construction is now complete and we have cut an access hole which will eventually be the entrance door into the main data centre area. A second much larger door will be cut to facilitate egress and access into the plant space corridor.

Finished Data Centre Build Composite Walling

View of finished composite walling from outside the data centre within the office areas. 

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