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Energy Efficiency Audit

Data Centre energy efficiency Audit services

Over time, your data centre may have become inefficient and expensive to run. You need to make cost savings on your IT facilities, but how do you do this without first knowing exactly what’s wrong? The answer - a data centre energy efficiency audit.

Energy Efficiency Audit

A data centre energy efficiency audit will reduce your annual power consumption, and free-up thousands of pounds of valuable capital to plough back into your business. To date, our data centre energy efficiency audit has assisted many of the world's leading organisations in hitting their sustainability and efficiency objectives for data centre, server and computer room environments. We can help you to save money and hit your energy targets too. Our data centre energy efficiency audit provides you with a report and recommendations on how to make low cost changes that will have a significant impact in reducing your energy usage. The changes we suggest will also improve the overall performance of your UPS and air-conditioning systems.

We’ll use metrics such as DCiE and PUE, and also recommendations from the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency – and we will optimise and increase the available capacity of your data centre or server room facility. A data centre energy efficiency audit identifies key components that affect your energy consumption, such as construction factors and power and cooling systems, that are simply wasting electricity. An initial no-obligation and non-intrusive site survey is usually carried out to determine the potential savings you could make, prior to undertaking a full data centre energy efficiency audit.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Data Centre Energy Efficiency Audit Report: 

Introduction and objectives, Management summary, Buildings and premises, Security & access control, Analysis of UPS, generator, and electrical systems, Analysis of cooling & mechanical systems Data connectivity, Energy efficiency audit findings and Recommendations.

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Energy Efficiency Audit

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Energy Efficiency Audit

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