Data centre project for NWAS NHS

Data Centre Design and Build

Data centre design and build solutions structured around our core ideals of delivering first class, highly resilient infrastructures that are also energy efficient. We endeavour to reduce annual energy consumption and create more energy efficient IT environments with low power usage effectiveness (PUE).

If you're looking for a complete data centre design and build service, carried out efficiently and within your timescales, we’re a well-established organisation you can rely on.

Data Centre Design and Build Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in the data centre industry, customers new and old return to us time after time due to our high levels of expertise, efficiency, and knowledge of data centre design and build solutions. We cater to all aspects of mission critical IT environments with innovative products and a service that is second to none. 

Taking into account the size and scope of your solution, we will continuously strive to match your unique requirements and data centre design and build specifications throughout the duration of the project. Discover how our services have helped businesses across Europe by exploring our collection of informative case studies. 

Case Studies

Data Centre Design and Build Services For UCASData Centre Design and Build By Infiniti

Award Winning Data Centre Design

Data centre solutions recognised with several awards for design, reliability, and efficiency throughout the years. Our data centre experts dedicate significant time to researching and assessing the latest products and innovative technologies. We are committed to delivering high end solutions to our clients, especially when it comes to developing energy efficient and robust mission critical environments. 

If you're in the process of creating a continuity plan, seeking to enhance your resilience through Gap Analysis, constructing a new data centre, or improving an existing one. Our award winning experts are readily available to provide you with the professional insight to assist you in achieving your IT requirements. 

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Arm Data Centre Design By Infiniti ITData Centre Design For NHS By Infiniti IT

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Our Approach To Data Centre Design and Build

We will assess your unique requirements and specifications to develop a powerful and invested data centre design and build solution that matches your business needs. Once you are happy with the design specifications we will waste no time in initiating your data centre construction

We will approach your project with the same integrity and drive no different to any other, big or small, providing you with a fully integrated experience relevant to your business. Once the project has been completed and you are satisfied with the results, if required we will continue to provide our services post project with our bespoke data centre maintenance services and further development or innovation for your build.  

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Data Centre Design Services In The UK

Data Centre Design Experts

Our data centre design and build team are highly driven and experienced industry professionals, dedicated in providing you with a fully encompassing service from the offset and throughout. From the early stages of our data centre design and build projects, capital allowances, ROI investment models, designing and migration projects, we are here to advise and support you throughout the data centre design and building process.

Covering audits, technical due diligence, energy and sustainability, pre-construction and compliance, we provide the right tailored approach to your data centre investment. With the right blend of technical and commercial insight, our data centre experts will deliver your solution in a future-proofed package.

About Us

Data Centre Design and Build Services Data Centre Design Services In The UK


What are requirements to design a data centre?

When we look to build a data centre we look at three main components. 

  • High-availability - we always look to build data centres that have the ability to provide continuous operations for your business. Our data centre achieves high-availability by installing maintainable IT and support infrastructure that minimises faults, system failures and downtime.
  • Flexibility - a data centre must be flexible to accommodate any future growth of new services with as little change to infrastructure as possible.
  • Simplicity - the simpler the data centre the better it is to reduce failures, cost of installation and to allow seamless monitoring and scheduled maintenance.

Data Centre Design Aspects 

When we look to build a data centre we look at an variety of aspects to implement. 

  • Cooling & Power Capacity
  • Mission Critical Systems
  • Redundancy 
  • Security, like a biometric security system
  • Data centre management software including environmental monitoring systems
  • Future Expansion


Innovative Data Centre Design 

At Infiniti, we tailor every data centre to the needs of the business. We will review the individual requirements of the business and specify exactly what they need from their data centre and IT support infrastructure.

To find out how we can design, build and install a data centre for your business, call us on 01993 774444 to find out more.

Are your data centre’s energy efficient?

Yes! All of our data centres are designed to reduce annual energy consumption and create more efficient environments with a low power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Can you migrate our existing data to a new server?

Yes. We have a team of data centre migration specialists who have vast experience migrating data for some of the the UK's largest technology companies. Fill out this contact form to find out how we can help.

How do you prevent the data centre from overheating?

We have different data centre cooling systems that we can use to prevent your data centre from overheating and causing system failures. Our computer room air conditioning units (CRAC units) are installed from day one to ensure maximum efficiency and resilience.

Case Study: North West Ambulance Service (NHS Trust)

Data Centre Design and Build Case Study

Emergency Services, Data Centre Design and Build, With Expertise and Flexibility.

Case Study

Case Study: ARM Data Centre Refurbishment & Solutions

Data Centre Refurbishment Case Study

International Data Centre Refurbishment to Improve Energy Efficiency.

Case Study

Case Study: CRFCA Ministry Of Defence Division

Data Centre Design and Build for the Ministry Of Defence By Infiniti IT

Bespoke Data Centre Consultancy, Design, and Build For Ministry of Defence Division

Case Study

How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

A server room is an essential aspect of any business as it allows data storage servers and computer networking devices to operate. To set up a server room, the installation needs to comply with the safety protocols of your organisation and support your IT infrastructure. Utilising specific design features ensures mission-critical computer systems can operate securely and safely. Fire suppression systems, environmental controls, and cooling systems all contribute to the smooth running of a server room. 

If you’re not sure what features your server room needs, a professional can advise you on the systems required. IT support, both in-house and outsourced IT companies, spend much of their time and resources troubleshooting computer system issues in a server room. While regular maintenance will help prevent issues and allow engineers to fix problems before they escalate. Installing an effective design will prevent many IT issues from occurring.

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