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Data Centre Construction

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Whether its a large or In house build, the data centre construction phase will involve all detailed specifications and budgets whilst remaining in the given time frame. At INFINITI all designs are prepared in-house by our data centre construction experts to guide the building phase which will always result in a more cost effective and efficient data centre construction solution. 

Our Data Centre Construction Services

Whether your business requires an expansion of your capacity, renovation of its infrastructure or a complete new build, our range of services can help you with any of these requirements from consultation to full turnkey solutions.  

With over 25 years of expertise in the data centre construction industry we are able to cover each and every aspect of your data centre construction project. From the initial plannings and drawings, to rigorous testing with successful delivery and installation on contract completion. 

Throughout are many years of working within the IT sector, we have provided our expertise by creating both cost effective and efficient data centres construction solutions. Our capabilities and proficiency allows us to provide customised solutions for any specific need in data centre construction such as;

  • Infrastructure Concepts
  • Detailed Designs
  • Application Planning
  • Tendering
  • Direct Installation 
  • Maintenance 
  • Handover and Testing
  • Consultancy

Our professional data centre construction services are divided into four primary phases - Planning, Design, Data Centre Construction and Certification. Every project with INFINITI comes with a thorough understanding of our client's business. We call this a 'Requirement Analysis' where we find the perfect solution for you. Answering questions such as; "What are your requirements?" "Are you hosting services?" and "What type of information is being stored?" helps us find the data centre construction solution or you. 

Data Centre Construction Data Centre Construction ServicesData Centre Build

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If you're considering data centre construction, why not take a moment to fill out our data centre construction fast quote form.

It only takes a few seconds to complete, and you'll receive budget pricing in a straight forward itemised format to support your business case or capital funds request for your data centre construction build.

What Are The Scales And Various Types Of A Data Centre?

Whenever we think of these IT Infrastructures, many of us think of huge warehouses with rows and rows full of racks of servers – and in some cases we are right. However, they come in all shapes and sizes. 

Data Centre Construction

With new build projects and other critical environments, the focus needs to start and remain on the technology needs of the environment. Too often, projects focus on the construction itself which often puts constraints on designers and operators when developing mechanical and electrical solutions.

Pete Sands, Data Centre Construction Expert, INFINITI

What next?

Need something slightly different? 

We can tailor a bespoke solution for you.

Call 01993 774444 to speak with our data centre construction experts and arrange a no obligation consultation and data centre construction survey.

Data Centre Construction

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