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Data Centre Fire Suppression

The decision to install a data centre fire suppression system is generally driven to protect sensitive data contained on hardware, satisfy insurers, meet landlord requirements as well as protecting life.

Data Centre Fire Suppression Solutions

Data centre fire suppression systems are essential to ensure your equipment and employees are protected. Whilst a fire within a data centre is rare, a fire can lead to losses of data, disruption to business services and potential injuries or even a fatality. Our fire suppression systems are designed to constantly sample the air and will automatically extinguish a fire without the need of human intervention. 

The design standards for data centre fire suppression systems are carried out with strict guidelines, as the fire suppression agents used can be dangerous if not designed and installed for the correct space. Fires within these type of IT environments are suppressed in two different ways; Inert gas fire suppression systems and Chemical or Synthetic gas suppression systems.  

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Inert Gas Suppression systems 

The Inert gas suppression system method uses an Argon/Nitrogen mix and sometimes a small element of CO2 to displace the oxygen within the protected area. The reason behind this gas composition is to reduce oxygen levels below 15% which will suppress the fire. This method must also consider the safety of personnel within the room and keep oxygen levels above 12%, this level of oxygen will be sufficient to maintain life within an oxygen depleted environment. There are various types of Inert gas such as;

  • IG55 fire suppression systems. This gas is a mix of 50 Argon, 50% This mix reduces oxygen levels to between 12-14%
  • INERGEN fire suppression systems - IG541. This gas is a mix of 50 Argon, 42% Nitrogen and 8% CO2. This mix reduces oxygen levels to between 12-14%
  • PROINERT fire suppression systems - Low pressure IG55. This gas is a mix of 50% Argon, 50% Nitrogen. This mix reduces oxygen levels to between 12-14%

IG55 Inert Data Centre Fire Suppression systems Inergen Data Centre Fire Suppression System For Data Centre

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Chemical & Synthetic Suppression Systems 

Chemical or Synthetic data centre fire suppression systems work on the principle of removing the heat element from the reaction. Generally, most Chemical or Synthetic fire suppression agents have some form of a cooling mechanism. However, like any synthetic or chemical agent, high doses can be toxic to personnel, therefore correct designs and bespoke installations are an absolute necessity. There are various types of chemical or synthetic gas such as;

  • FM200 fire suppression systems - HFC227ea. Concentration levels of 7.9% - 8.5%. Works by reducing and absorbing heat.
  • Novec 1230 fire suppression systems - FK-5-1-12. Concentration levels of 5.3% - 5.6%. Works by reducing and absorbing heat.
  • Novec 1230 fire suppression systems - FK-5-1-12. Concentration levels of 5.3% - 5.6%. Works by reducing and absorbing heat.

Chemical Data Centre Fire Suppression Installation synthetic Data Centre Fire Suppression Services

Data Centre Fire Suppression Experts

Following a free site survey, we will ensure the integrity of the IT environment is sufficient to provide the required retention time for your chosen data centre fire suppression agent. Other considerations include damper mechanisms, fresh air supplies, extract systems, connection to house alarms and EPO plant shutdowns, on-going maintenance and customer training. 

With our vendor neutrality, we provide impartial advice on the best agents and most cost effective solutions for your data centre fire suppression system. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of fire suppression systems and their installation, ensuring your data centre is fully protected. Contact us today to find out how our fire suppression systems can help your day to day business services. 

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Data Centre Fire Suppression Installation by Infiniti Data Centre Fire Suppression For Server Rooms UK
Argonite Data Centre Fire Suppression

Data Centre Fire Suppression 

We will advise you on the best data centre fire suppression systems for your facility, as well as a fully certified design, bespoke installation service, room integrity testing and commissioning of both conventional and analogue addressable fire panels. 

Our systems are designed in accordance with the BFPSA code of practice, BS ISO 14520. Full system design drawings and hydraulic calculations would also be provided. All works are undertaken in accordance with British Standards and INFINITI’s own best practice for design and construction management.

Single Rack Data Centre Fire Suppression

Single Rack Data Centre Fire Suppression 

We provide 19” in-rack mounted data centre fire suppression systems utilising a choice of NOVEC or FM200 extinguishing agent. 

These 2U unit sits at the top of your server cabinet and monitors the air for the presence of smoke. If a fire is detected, the unit will flood the cabinet with the bottles of fire suppression extinguishing agent contained within. These systems require no alterations to the surrounding environment as these are low pressure systems discharging just 1.2-2.4kg of extinguishing agent into each rack.

Aspiration And Vesda Systems For Data Centres

Aspiration & VESDA Systems

These data centre fire suppression systems constantly sample and monitor the air within the protected area, and can detect a minor component failure before a fire. We offer a fully certified design & installation service and commissioning of both conventional and analogue addressable aspiration and fire suppression systems.

These systems are manufactured using targeted Six Sigma techniques and ISO 9000 standards and have been certified by regulatory bodies worldwide.

Extract and Pressure Relief Systems For Data Centres

Extract & Pressure Relief Systems 

Data Centres or enclosures utilising gaseous extinguishing systems such as Inergen, Argon and Nitrogen require pressure relief and positive extract in the event of a discharge. We provide both in one simple bespoke solution which requires minimal maintenance and servicing. 

All of our pressure relief dampers can be installed to any existing extract system allowing for bespoke solutions for all applications. 

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What is a Data Centre Fire Suppression System?

Data centres are absolutely crucial to a range of different industries and store a wide range of important information, so it’s crucial to make sure they are kept safe at all times. One of the biggest risks to your data centre is fire, and despite being a fairly rare occurrence, they can be absolutely catastrophic if they do occur.

There are a number of fire safety systems available and there are typically four elements to your fire protection strategy; mitigation, detection, suppression and recovery. Here, we’re going to focus on fire suppression systems so that you are prepared fully should a fire take place

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