Data centre project for UCAS in Cheltenham

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Our fast quote forms are a quick and easy way to receive budget pricing for your forthcoming data centre projects. We offer a range of different fast quotes, so why not take a moment and price up your work.

Data Centre Construction 

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Server Room Design & Build 

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Data Centre Maintenance

Data Centre Maintenance

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Data Centre Fire Suppression

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Water Leak Detection

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Data Centre Cleaning

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Nano Data Centre

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Container Data Centre

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Data Centre Monitoring

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Micro Data Centre

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Data Centre Migration

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Chiller Hire

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Data centre construction check list blog by Infiniti IT

Checklist For Your New Server Room Project!

There are so many factors to consider when exploring the best way to effectively design and keep air conditioned. From the layout of space (low ceilings and raised floors etc.), the extent of cooling needed, the level of environmental monitoring required, the best system of fire suppression, the list goes on.

Designing a new server room at first may seem to be an intimidating project, there are after all, a lot of factors and standards to consider. However, setting up the space and equipment doesn’t have to be an ordeal – that’s if you plan and make sure you have all necessary components. We have made you a simple checklist to facilitate the design of your server room.

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