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Data Centre & Server Room Maintenance Services

Complete Data Centre & Server Room Maintenance services with 24/7 support.

If your critical systems are not protected, monitored and maintained, the cost of repairs and downtime can be extremely damaging to any business. With our data centre and server room maintenance services, we'll organise and run everything from supervised maintenance visits, additional repairs to 24/7 reactive call-out.

Complete Data Centre & Server Room Maintenance Services 

Data centre maintenance is essential to keep all data stored secure and safe. Any downtime can cause significant losses for any company whether its financial loss, reputation or loss of customers. This makes it essential to ensure your IT infrastructure has reliable data centre or server room maintenance to establish a constant up time. 

A key part of any business’s facility processes should be their data centre maintenance, as poor maintenance is the second most likely cause of downtime. Poor capacity management is the most likely cause of downtime, which can be mitigated by good IT infrastructure design, however, this can’t make up for professional maintenance and upkeep. 

Data centre cabinet maintenance by Infiniti ITNorth West Ambulance data centre maintenance by Infiniti IT

We Cover All Systems 

Critical systems require regular maintenance to keep it functioning at peak performance and efficiency. We cover all critical systems such as;

We will allocate a full-time expert to manage and maintain your organisation’s data centre at a competitive cost.

Full Data Centre Maintenance Services Turnkey Data Centre Maintenance Services

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Reactive Data Centre Maintenance Services & 24/7 Call Out Response

Whatever the issue, we can help provide certainty in an emergency. Our specialists have sector-leading experience across all critical systems and processes. If the worst does happen, and your IT infrastructure develops a problem, we're on call 24/7 to help out. With our emergency call-out and reactive data centre maintenance service, we'll mobilise a repair team day or night to keep your critical systems running.

Our service experts are always one step ahead, closely examining calls and monitoring your data centre's performance to ensure we are delivering on what we promise with fast and effective response. 

24/7 Call Out Response

Data Centre Call Out Maintenance Services By InfinitiEmergency Data Centre Maintenance By Infiniti

Preventative Data Centre Maintenance

We know exactly how regularly each system requires preventive data centre maintenance, and we'll organise and schedule fully documented preventive maintenance service visits for your convenience. 

With regular preventative service visits, we can quickly identify components that are nearing the end of their life, or those showing signs of wear. These may be avoidable failures and will be replaced in a controlled fashion helping to avoid unplanned equipment down-time. Our preventative maintenance is provided by qualified and experienced service engineers in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. 

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Data Centre MaintenancePreventative Data Centre Maintenance Services in the UK provided by Infiniti IT

Remote Data Centre Monitoring Services 

With our data centre remote monitoring maintenance, you can be sure that your IT infrastructure is being monitored by a team of experts, able to identify any potential problems before they develop. We receive streams of technical information about the live status of your critical systems, which we analyse and report back to you to highlight any potential problems or inefficiencies, as well as our recommendations to correct them.

Our team of data centre monitoring technicians are on hand to provide instant telephone support and advice on issues as soon as they develop, alongside mobilisation should the situation require it.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Data Centre Monitoring Services Remote Data Centre Monitoring
Why Is Data Centre Maintenance So Important?

Why Is Data Centre Maintenance So Important?

Poor data centre maintenance is one of the main causes of unplanned downtime for businesses. If a business cannot operate for an extended time, this can lead to a significant financial loss as well as damage to their reputation. But it’s estimated around 40% of system failures could have been avoided with regular preventative maintenance. Regular data centre maintenance is a crucial part of a data centre’s operations. It’s essential for improving data centre design and enhancing an organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Carefully planned and proactive data centre maintenance keeps the centre operating efficiently and effectively. The purpose of this maintenance is to catch small problems early and avoid them escalating into a bigger issue. Unfortunately, there are many issues, like the two mentioned, that can damage an organisation. However, regular data centre maintenance can reduce the risk of this occurring dramatically.

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