Our Network & Server Cabinets Solutions

Our Network & Server Cabinets Solutions

As the server hardware density increases in your data centre, the correct server cabinet or rack solution is vital to ensure the proper volume of air flow is achievable and that sufficient space exists at both the front and rear of the server cabinet for network cabling and management arms.

Server Cabinets UK

Server Cabinets & Racks

The traditional method of storing your hardware, our network & server cabinets come in a range of different sizes and U's to suit your business. We offer 600mm or 800mm wide, 1000mm or 1200mm deep, and supplied in  21U, 42U, 45U and 47U. 

Our data centre installation engineers are specially trained to safely and securely install all our server cabinets and racks, and our products are available from a variety of different manufacturers. 

We always strive to provide you with the best solution to suit your needs, but if you have a preference, or you already have your cabinets, let us know and our data centre installation team will be happy to install them.  

Comms Rack UK

Comms Racks

Comms racks are an ideal solution for linking up your server cabinets with the data centre environment, being used as a communication cabinet between the server cabinets and the ancillary systems. Their wider design means it's easier to install and connect cables to the systems held within.

Our data centre installation team can also install all the equipment needed to turn your comms rack into a monitoring point, as their width is able to house screens and keyboards to interact and adjust the flow of data through the servers, as well as make any adjustments to the cooling and monitoring solutions. 

Patch Frames UK

Patch Frames

Patch frames are an ideal solution for high density copper & fibre cabling installations, with accessories designed specifically to support large cable densities.

Patch frames have a smaller footprint than standard server cabinets, making them a preferred solution for data centre environments with space constraints.

Our data centre installation experts can install your patch frames as stand alone, or back to back to provide additional depth and space utilisation.

Office And Acoustic Cabinets

Acoustic Server Cabinets

These server cabinets are an ideal solution for small businesses and open plan offices, stylishly designed with a selection of finishes that blend into any environment.

Acoustic server cabinets and use a combination of noise attenuation and thermal dissipation making them quiet enough to keep in an office, and are capable of supporting server and network densities of up to 6kW.

Our acoustic server cabinets are affordable, lockable, and easy to populate. The spacious interiors have ample room for orderly cable routing and can also be used for infrastructure and patch cabling. Server cabinets are supplied complete with heavy duty castors as standard for ease of relocation.

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