Data Centre Electrical Testing Services

Data Centre Electrical Testing

The goal is to maximize life expectancy and establish priorities for repair and replacement based on the analysis of the testing results. Knowledge of the equipment, systems, and an understanding of indications for potential failure modes is required to achieve the maximum benefit.

Electrical reliability is crucial for data centre operations performance, and effective acceptance testing and proper maintenance testing of the electrical systems can help achieve this goal.

Data Centre Electrical Testing

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a report carried out to assess the safety of the existing electrical installation within a data centre and is used to describe its condition. Parts of the system that are reported on include cables, conductors and MPDUs. 

These specifications cover the suggested field tests and inspections that are available to assess the suitability for continued service and reliability of electrical distribution equipment, emergency energy sources, and related power systems within your data centre.

Its purpose is to confirm as far as possible whether or not the electrical installation is in a safe condition for continued service. Contact us today for further information or free quotation.

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EICR Data Centre Testing

The EICR will show whether the electrical installation is in a 'satisfactory' or 'unsatisfactory' condition and will detail a list of observations affecting the safety or requiring improvements. These observations will be concluded by the following codes.

Unsatisfactory Codes are:

  • C1 – Danger present, risk of injury, immediate remedial action required
  • C2 – Potentially Dangerous, urgent remedial action required
  • FI – Further investigation required
  • C3 – Improvement recommended

Action is required if the EICR issued is unsatisfactory. If an EICR contains a C1, C2 or FI code, it is unsatisfactory. If a C1 is discovered, the electrician will often take action using temporary measures to make the dangerous installation safe.

Data Centre Electrical Certificate Testing Data Centre Electrical Testing Solutions

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EICR Certification 

Upon completion you will receive a EICR testing certificate. Follow up testing is necessary and needs to be completely quarterly over 20 years since installation. Factors of testing would include;

  • Cables & Conductors 
  • MPDU 
  • PDU 
  • LV Panel
  • ATS Panels 
  • UPS Supplies 
  • Cabinet Supplies
  • Generator Systems
  • Redundancy Systems 
  • Incoming Power Modules

Follow up testing is necessary and needs to be completed annually from installation. We have Electricians who are EICR registered across the UK. Contact us today to receive a free quotation. 


How much does data centre electrical testing cost?

We offer a competitive data centre electrical testing services that is tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Each project is different so costs can very. Speak to our experts find out how much your project will cost.

What are some issues that electrical testing can detect in a data centre?

Electrical testing can detect issues such as moisture, contamination, and insulation deterioration that can cause power-related problems and affect the overall infrastructure of a data centre. 

Is your initial consultation free?

Yes, we offer an initial no-obligation meeting free of charge. Call us on 01993 774444 for your free meeting with our data centre electrical experts.

How often should electrical inspections be scheduled for data centres? 

Electrical inspections should be scheduled at least once a year for data centres, especially for mission-critical facilities that must go above and beyond with their testing and maintenance to protect uptime and guard against downtime. Tests carried out usually include; 

  • Load bank testing: This involves simulating a full load on the electrical system to ensure it can handle the maximum capacity.
  • Ground resistance testing: This measures the resistance of the grounding system to ensure it is functioning properly and can safely dissipate electrical currents.
  • Circuit breaker testing: This involves testing the circuit breakers in the electrical system to ensure they are functioning properly and can interrupt electrical currents in case of a fault.

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