data centre design & Construction Project
Week 3

Electrical Installation 

INFINITI IT LIMITED a data centre consultancy and construction specialist has been awarded a "Fast Track" data centre design & build contract for a large global finance company with UK headquarters located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be providing you with a detailed insight that covers the implementation of a Micro data centre facility. This Blog will cover all installation works right through to final commissioning, witness testing, project completion and handover to our client all within an aggressive 6 week programme.

The design ethos of the data centre facility is scalable and offers our client a complete flexibility with future expansion and will accommodate 100% growth if required, but still ensuring losses are kept to a minimum and that the data centre is as efficient as possible even at lower initial day loads.

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Performance Specification Overview

  • Modular Data Centre Construction with 1 hour fire rated composite panels
  • Heavy duty raised access flooring system
  • Modular 80kW N+1 APC Symmetra UPS with approx. 9 minutes autonomy
  • 70kW N+1 efficient Direct Expansion CRAC units fitted with EC fans
  • N Generator & Changeover Panel
  • High Density 7kW per cabinet with intelligent switched monitored PDU's
  • Hot aisle containment
  • IG55 Fire Suppression system
  • CCTV & Access control
  • CAT6 & OM3 data connectivity and cabinet patch links

Firstly, many thanks for the positive comments and feedback on the blog so far and apologies in advance for the quality of some of the pictures. Work is being carried out under temporary lighting and although it’s safe to work within, it’s not great for taking photos.

This week the main focus was to install or first fix the electrical containment that will be situated within the heavy duty raised access flooring which will be to utilised as a cold air distribution plenum as part of the cooling design. 

Installation Of Data Centre Electrical Components

The above image shows the electrical containment along with A & B resilient 32amp IEC309 commandos positioned underneath each of the 10# network and server cabinets.

Although only 8# 45U cabinets will be deployed initially, we opted to install the additional supplies as part of the main contract to mitigate potential risk to services and possible down time in the future as and when the extra cabinets are required. This design approach is favoured when building scalable data centres.

Commando Plugs For Data Centre Servers

Notice the yellow dots which indicate the positions of the heavy duty raised access floorings pedestals. Although we are working to completed construction scaled drawings and dimensions, this method of setting out prior to the installation of electrical and mechanical services within the floor void, provides all trades a good visual indication of the flooring system. 

The cabinet A & B 32amp electrical supplies are neatly fix to containment wide enough to provide sufficient space for earthing systems installed later.

Data Centre Energy Efficient Light Fixings

Installation of the first fix lighting containment system which is fix to the underside of the slab soffit. The lighting design will be made up with a mixture of energy efficient fittings that will provide around 400 - 500lum when the data centre is occupied by the IT team. All other times the lights will be switched off to minimise energy usage to create a lights out environment.

Commando Sockets Wired Through Secure Data Centre Walling

Cleaners sockets and fused spurs required to ventilation, security and other ancillary systems are installed fed from the Sub LV or non-ups backed electrical switch gear. 

Data Centre Electrical Installation Progress

Holes are cut through the external walls to accommodate the fire suppression extract system, fresh air ventilation, pressure relief damper, generator and air-conditioning pipework. 

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