Nano Data Centre Services

Nano Data Centre Services

Bespoke Nano Data Centre Solutions to Your Exact Specifications, Timeframe and Budget.

Our Nano Data Centre provides a cost-effective solution for rapidly deploying IT capacity exactly where it is needed. This modular and highly efficient solution can easily scale to accommodate the needs of today and the rapid growth of tomorrow, even in space constrained environments.

Nano Data Centre Solutions

The possibilities of using Nano Data Centres as a solution are almost unlimited, whether for a high-performance application, an IP rated solution for hazardous or harsh environments or for accommodating branch offices and remote devices in an office area. The ability to scale the Nano Data Centre cost-effectively (compared to traditional white space Data Centres) and to accommodate more racks or dense loads seamlessly is a key benefit for the Infiniti Nano Data Centre. 

In these cases, Nano Data Centres offers a high added value and can be an extremely efficient, fast, and cost-effective solution for IT experts who face these challenges. To understand what you want from your Nano Data Centre we conduct a ‘Requirement Analysis’ to learn your available space, amount of data storage, and IT load. From there, we create full technical design specifications, project management, and provide fully managed maintenance packages.

Nano Data Centre SolutionsNano Data Centre Services

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In Rack Nano Air Conditioning

In Rack Nano Air Conditioning are designed for use within standard 19-inch IT racks or rack based enclosures. These are air tight enclosures providing precision cooling which does not inject heat into the environment. The base model can provide a net sensible cooling of 3.5kW – Larger models can provide up to 7kW using DX cooling principles. Precision air conditioning unit for IT, computer, and low/medium density applications.

  • Close control operation 
  • Incorporated controller for independent operation of the A/C unit 
  • Maintenance accessibility from the front and the back of the unit 
  • The A/C unit meets the current technical regulations and standards, of the European guidelines for machines CE certification 
  • EMC compliant according to EN61000: 6-4 
  • Manufactured and certified according to DIN ISO 9001/ EN 29001

In Rack Nano Air Conditioning Services In Rack Nano Air Conditioning

In Rack Fire Suppression

Representing the future in cabinet protection, the 19” 2U Fire Suppression system is a self-contained automatic fire extinguishing unit. The  includes Point detectors and Novec 1230 suppression Gas which will be daisy chained together to protect the complete Nano Data Centre solution.

This System is fully capable of detecting a fire using single or coincidence detection and responding by extinguishing the fire in less than 10 seconds of detection. Signals can also be sent to other equipment via Volt free contacts or RS232 to inform of the unit’s status and to key personnel for immediate investigation.

In Rack Fire SuppressionIn Rack Fire Suppression Services

In Rack UPS

A rack uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is designed for use within standard 19-inch IT racks or rack-based enclosures. Rack-based UPS systems must be designed to provide maximum power in very compact packages that include built-in batteries. A rack UPS generally uses from 1U to 3U of vertical rack space. 

We offer professional advice ensuring your in rack UPS is correctly sized to cater for current and future loads, meeting requirements and falling within your budget. It is important that the system is scalable and sized to the critical IT load as this avoids energy wastage due to system losses.

In Rack UPSIn Rack UPS For Nano Data Centre

In Rack EMS

Our range of environmental monitoring systems allows you to monitor the critical power, cooling systems, temperature, and humidity of your Nano Data Centre. You can receive remotely managed alerts and logging capabilities via the web page alert and software interfaces. 

The network management software supports S.N.M.P and M.I.B. architecture, Email, SMS, voice dialler, and audible alert. Our services also include complete design specification and installation carried out by our trained environmental monitoring systems technicians, providing you with the peace of mind that your Nano enclosure monitoring system is watching and protecting it's infrastructure at all times.

In Rack EMSIn Rack EMS for Nano Data Centre
How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

A server room is an essential aspect of any business as it allows data storage servers and computer networking devices to operate. To set up a server room, the installation needs to comply with the safety protocols of your organisation and support your IT infrastructure. Utilising specific design features ensures mission-critical computer systems can operate securely and safely. Fire suppression systems, environmental controls, and cooling systems all contribute to the smooth running of a server room. 

If you’re not sure what features your server room needs, a professional can advise you on the systems required. IT support, both in-house and outsourced IT companies, spend much of their time and resources troubleshooting computer system issues in a server room. While regular maintenance will help prevent issues and allow engineers to fix problems before they escalate. Installing an effective design will prevent many IT issues from occurring.

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