Container Data Centre Services

Container Data Centre

Complete Container Data Centre Design and Build Services. Built To Your Exact Specifications, Timeframe and Budget.

Container data centre solutions are ideal for when your existing IT infrastructure is nearing maximum capacity and you need to host a large deployment of high density server hardware within a mobile infrastructure.

What Are The Advantages Of A Container Data Centre?

A Container data centre is a modular solution that incorporates all the essential systems of a full sized facility but in a mobile deploy-able unit. With secure access control and weatherproofing construction, our containerised solutions can be rapidly deployed and positioned anywhere on site, and once powered are ready to host your IT hardware. 

A container data centre can also be deployed as a temporary solution to host your servers while your main facility undergoes refurbishment or expansion, and work as a valuable backup for your disaster recovery plan (DRP), so that if a disaster does occur at your main site, your container data centre, acting like a co-lo, ensures your data is unaffected.

What Is Data Centre Aisle Containment?

Container Data Centre Solutions

We offer a wide range of container data centre services, whether you require an "off the shelf" or more bespoke option, we can help. Our container data centre solutions are all 8 ft wide, and are available in either 10ft or 20ft long options. They are perfect for any sized requirements as they can support from a few low density cabinets all the way up to very high density multi-vendor server environments.

We also provide containerised UPS, generators and chiller cooling plants which are also modular in design and expandable, allowing you to support your main IT infrastructure without increasing its footprint. These are also available as ‘off the shelf’ solutions at 8ft wide with 10ft or 20ft long containers.

Containerised data centre services by Infiniti IT

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Bespoke Container Data Centre Solutions

Bespoke Design

Multiple vendor and bespoke container data centre design solutions available to the latest design standards and best practice recommendations.

Energy Efficient Container Data Centre

Energy Efficient

Containerised solutions structured around our core ideals of delivering first class, highly resilient infrastructures that are energy efficient. 

Quick Deployment Of Our Solutions

Rapid Deployment

Our container data centres are pre-built for quick and efficient installation, ensuring your business can seamlessly integrate the our solution into your existing operations.

Very Latest CCTV Solutions

Innovative Security Systems

The very latest access control, Bio-metric, Iris Readers and CCTV systems with full certification. Ensuring your data centre container is always fully protected. 

Award Winning Container Data Centre Solutions

Award Winning Design

Recognised with several awards for design, reliability, and efficiency throughout the years. Our data centre experts dedicate significant time to researching and assessing the latest products and innovative technologies. 

Pre Built Container Data Centre Services

Designed By Experts

Pre-built container data centres that offer the flexibility to accommodate different IT rack setups, giving you the freedom to select the ideal dimensions and specifications that perfectly align with your business needs.

Scalable Container Data Centres

Scalable Solutions

Our versatile enclosures can be seamlessly connected and stacked, allowing your data centre to expand alongside your business and adjust to your ever-changing IT infrastructure requirements.

Server Customisation

Expansive Support

Low to very high density server requirements supported with an bespoke cabinet and power distribution solution.

Our container data centre solutions are easily transported

Relocation Ready

Our containerised data centres are specifically engineered to be effortlessly transported to you and are road legal due to being 8 Ft wide.

Container Data Centre Solution Provided By Infiniti IT
Container Data Centre Services In The UK
Row of cabinets in our containerised data centre solutions


How much does a container data centre cost?

We offer competitive container data centre solutions that are tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Each container project is different so costs can very. Speak to our experts find out how much your project will cost or fill in our online quotation form for estimated costs. 

What cooling systems are included?

We have based our cooling designs on direct expansion systems. These systems are far more resilient than a chilled water system as each cooling unit will have its own pipework and condenser, whereas a chilled water or glycol systems would share common pipe work, chillers or dry air coolers. We can also provide an alternative cooling solution such as Fresh Air Cooling or Immersion Cooling

Is your initial consultation free?

Yes, we offer an initial no-obligation meeting free of charge. Call us on 01993 774444 for your free meeting with our container data centre experts.

What security systems are included? 

Our containerised security solutions include the very latest in technology such as Bio-metric fingerprint, iris readers for access control and video motion detection for our CCTV data centre security solutions. All our container data centre security solutions are designed and installed with full certification, ensuring your IT Infrastructure is fully protected.

What is a container data centre? 

A container data centre is a type of data centre that is built inside an intermodal container or a shipping container. The container is outfitted with all the necessary components of a traditional data centre, including power and cooling systems, server racks, and networking equipment.

Container data centres offer several benefits, such as easy deployment, scalability, and mobility. They can be quickly deployed in remote locations or areas with limited space, and they can be easily transported or relocated as needed. 

How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

A server room is an essential aspect of any business as it allows data storage servers and computer networking devices to operate. To set up a server room, the installation needs to comply with the safety protocols of your organisation and support your IT infrastructure. Utilising specific design features ensures mission-critical computer systems can operate securely and safely. Fire suppression systems, environmental controls, and cooling systems all contribute to the smooth running of a server room. 

If you’re not sure what features your server room needs, a professional can advise you on the systems required. IT support, both in-house and outsourced IT companies, spend much of their time and resources troubleshooting computer system issues in a server room. While regular maintenance will help prevent issues and allow engineers to fix problems before they escalate. Installing an effective design will prevent many IT issues from occurring.

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