Data Centre & Server Room Water Leak Detection

Data Centre Water Leak Detection Systems

Avoid costly downtime, repairs, reduce the risk of data loss, and ensure the continuous operation of your critical IT equipment by utilising data centre water leak detection systems.

We provide water leak detection systems that are hassle-free to set up and can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of your data centre. Our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your current set-up, such as building management systems and other monitoring services.

Data Centre Water Leak Detection Systems

Data centre water leak detection systems customisable to fit the specific needs of your data centre. We offer both spot and rope leak detectors, which can be installed in any location where leaks are likely to occur. These systems are certified with CE and are designed specifically for water leak detection in data centres, ensuring reliable protection for your valuable equipment and data.

For larger sites, we also offer addressable water leak detection units with zone highlighting on the control panel, allowing for swift rectification. Whilst mains powered, many of our data centre & server room water leak detection units also include their own backup power supply, allowing up to 72 hours standby in the event of a mains failure, continuing to monitor your data centre for leaks and moisture. 

Data Centre Water Leak Detection Systems

Addressable Water Leak Systems

Our water leak detection solutions are addressable systems, that offers both linear and point solutions using water detection tape and probes. Single & dual loop panels are available with each loop supporting a maximum of 127 devices. 

  • Single and dual loop control panels 
  • Supports up to 254 point detection probes and 25,400 m of detection tape
  • Customisable LED display allowing each device to be given a unique address & zone
  • Relays to control water shut-off valves and other plant and equipment
  • Sophisticated protocol allows for complex system design 
  • Fully monitored Sounder Circuits
  • Fully configurable remote outputs 
  • Battery Standby  

Water Leak Detection Systems

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Protect Your Data Centre

Reliability - Our detection solutions are operational 24/7, consistently examining for any signs of leaks and upkeeping the integrity of your data centre. Additionally, our systems come with a 72-hour battery backup to ensure functionality in times of power outages.

Integrity - Our water leak detection control panels are designed with approved life safety systems to ensure impeccable reliability and integrity. These control panels are equipped with full system monitoring, offering minimal chances of any false alarms.

Control - In case of any water leakage, the easy-to-use control panel can notify the Building Management System (BMS) or trigger mechanical control devices, like water shut-off valves, to promptly manage all potential risks. An EMS solution can also be integrated to automatically send emails and text alerts in case of an alert. 

Data centre water leak detection system services Water leak detection system for server room

Common Causes Of Data Centre Water Leaks

  • Air conditioning - Cooling units utilise water and any damage to the system such as a burst pipe or loose clamp could lead to sudden flooding in your data centre.
  • Corroded pipework - Water damage can occur due to architectural weaknesses, including those found in server rooms, kitchens, and toilets, as well as above data centres.
  • Natural disasters - Floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can cause water to enter a data centre.
  • Human error - Accidental spills and improper maintenance practices can also cause water leaks in data centres.

Water Leak Detection Systems For Data Centres Data Centre Water leak Systems In The UK


How much does a water leak detection system cost?

We offer a competitive data centre water leak detection systems that are tailored to your requirements and size of your protected area. Each installation is different so costs can very. Speak to our experts find out how much your project will cost.

What are the benefits of water leak detection systems?

Water leak detection systems can help data centre operators detect and prevent water leaks, minimising downtime and reducing the risk of data loss. These systems can also help prevent costly damage to critical infrastructure.

Is your initial consultation free?

Yes, we offer an initial no-obligation meeting free of charge. Call us on 01993 774444 for your free meeting with our data centre water leak detection system experts.

How do water leak detection systems work?

Water leak detection systems work by using sensor cable to detect the presence of water. When water is detected, the system triggers the alarms connected to the main zone panel which will send out automated messages in the event of a leak. 

How often should water leak detection systems be serviced?

Data Centre water leak detection systems should be inspected regularly to ensure that they are functioning correctly. This includes the panel batteries, sensor cable connections and SMNP set up.

The frequency of inspections will depend on the specific system and the environment in which it is installed, we highly recommend all systems to receive at least one annual visit. 

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