Data Centre Aisle Containment

Data Centre Aisle Containment

Separating the hot from the cold aisle within a data centre prevents return cold air looping back into the air conditioning before it is has fulfilled its purpose of cooling IT hardware. Aisle containment offers one of the most efficient and easiest ways of electrical costs and can be installed within new designs or retrofitted in existing data centres. 


What Is Data Centre Aisle Containment?

Traditional open aisle data centres use perimeter air conditioning or CRAC Cooling (computer room air conditioning) units to channel cold air up through a raised floor void via grilles positioned in front of the data cabinets. 

This is inefficient and will result in more electrical costs as there is no separation between the supply and return air and significant air movement within the room resulting in poor return air control. 

There are two forms of aisle containment configurations available. One for the cold aisle and one for the hot aisle within an data centre. In some cases, an installation may use one or both types of containment to prevent hot and cold air paths mixing. The most commonly installed form of containment within data centres is a cold-aisle.

Data Centre Aisle Containment Services Data Centre Aisle Containment Solutions By Infiniti IT

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Data Centre Aisle Containment Advantages

Our data centre aisle containment systems provide a number of advantages such as:

  • Improved energy efficiency and a lower PUE ratio 
  • Efficient operation of the air conditioning system 
  • Reduced bypass airflow rate and ‘hot-spots’ within server racks 
  • Increased server rack density and in-rack server population 
  • Increased return temperatures to reduce cooling energy 
  • Prevents cold and hot air mixing 
  • Reduced air volumes to save fan energy 
  • Extended equipment working life 
  • Lower your carbon footprint
Aisle Containment For Data Centres Aisle Containment For Server Rooms
Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Services

Hot Vs Cold Aisle Containment

The advantages of hot aisle containment include: 

  • Improved energy efficiency with energy savings 
  • The open areas of the data centre are cool and can be used for certain low-density racks or storage cabinets. 
  • The uncontained area is a more acceptable working environment for technicians and engineers. 
  • Easy to retrofit in existing data centres. 
  • Accurate distribution of supply air is less critical as hot air is properly returned. 

The advantages of cold aisle containment include: 

  • Easy to implement without the need for additional fabrication to contain and return exhaust air such as a drop ceiling or air plenum. 
  • Typically less expensive to install than hot aisle containment. 
  • Easy to retrofit in existing data centres. 
  • Doesn’t require to be on a raised floor, though it often is.

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Checklist For Your New Server Room Project

Checklist For Your New Server Room Project! 

There are so many factors to consider when exploring the best way to effectively design and keep air conditioned. From the layout of space (low ceilings and raised floors etc.), the extent of cooling needed, the level of environmental monitoring required, the best system of fire suppression, data centre cleaning services, the list goes on. However, with INFINITI’s extensive experience and dedication, we offer an unbiased view on the best solution for you and your business.

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