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Data centre monitoring services 

Get dual protection for your facility with INFINITI's data centre monitoring service, constantly tracking the health of your systems and environment to ensure maximum up time and peak efficiency.

Remote Data Centre Monitoring Services

INFINITI's data centre remote monitoring services provide you with the assurance that the key vitals of your systems are monitored for issues and anomalies which can affect performance and up time.  

By engaging our data centre monitoring services, you can be sure that a watchful eye is constantly analysing your systems for fault trips, with our team of data centre monitoring technicians on hand to provide instant telephone support and advice on issues as soon as they develop, alongside mobilisation should the situation require it. 

We also get daily status updates about your systems, our expert data centre monitoring team extrapolating the data to see patterns and trends, offering our recommendations should we notice issues or negative shifts.  

Our remote data centre monitoring specialists are all highly trained technicians who have a wealth of experience working with, installing, and optimising computing systems. With our data centre remote monitoring service you get a second line of defence against unexpected problems and a rapid response at all times. 

Our data centre monitoring service works with you to alert us to any faults as they occur, with live alerts and daily updates sent to us allowing us to see any potential issues before they develop. 

Data Centre Remote Monitoring Solutions

Our data centre remote monitoring service typically tracks:

  • Humidity levels, as well as high and low trips
  • Temperature levels as well as high and low trips
  • Leak detection trips & leak detection hardware faults
  • Fire alarms & fire alarm faults.
  • UPS status & UPS faults
  • Cooling units status & faults
  • Generator status, low fuel & generator faults

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If you're considering remote data centre monitoring on your current IT infrastructure, why not take a moment to write us a quick email for a free quote and consultation!

Networking, Software and Environmental Control - What is it?

Both Networking and Communication equipment are vital in a IT infrastructure to maintain a high-bandwidth network for communication with the outside world, and between the servers and other technologies. This could include components such as leak detection systems, routers, switches, network interface controllers (NICs) and in some cases miles of cabling.

Networking, Software and Environmental control

CTC Software
Ministry of Defence
North West Ambulance Service
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Cheque Centre
Liverpool University

Data Centre Monitoring

Need something slightly different?

We can tailor a bespoke data centre monitoring solution for you.

Call 01993 774444 to speak with our data centre monitoring technicians and we'll be happy to advise you and provide you with a no obligation data centre monitoring quote.

Data Centre Monitoring

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