Data Centre Remote Monitoring Services

Data Centre Remote Monitoring Services

By engaging our data centre remote monitoring services, you can be sure that a watchful eye is constantly analysing your systems for efficiency and potential faults before they develop.

Get dual protection for your facility with our data centre remote monitoring service, constantly tracking the health of your systems and environment to ensure maximum up time and peak efficiency.

Data Centre Remote Monitoring Solutions

Our monitoring service provides you with the assurance that the key vitals of your systems are monitored for issues and anomalies before they can develop. By engaging with our service, our expert team are available around the clock to analyse and search data for trends in real time to mitigate potential downtime and faults. Following a fault or trip, we will be there to support you and advise on the next step whether a call out or phone diagnostic is required. 

Our remote data centre monitoring specialists are all highly trained technicians who have a wealth of experience working with, installing, and optimising computing systems. With our data centre remote monitoring service you get a second line of defence against unexpected problems and a rapid response 24/7 365 days a year. 

Data Centre Remote Monitoring ServicesData Centre Remote Monitoring Solutions

Data Centre Remote Monitoring for all Critical Environments 

Our data centre remote monitoring service works with you to alert us to any faults as they occur, with live alerts and daily updates sent to our monitoring experts. Our data centre remote monitoring service typically tracks: 

  • Humidity levels, as well as high and low trips 
  • Temperature levels as well as high and low trips 
  • Power Usage & Efficiency
  • Leak detection trips & leak detection hardware faults
  • Fire alarms & fire alarm faults. 
  • UPS status & UPS faults 
  • Mains power alerts & faults
  • Cooling units status & faults 
  • Generator status, low fuel & generator faults

Data Centre Remote Monitoring Services by Infiniti ITData Centre Remote Monitoring In The UK

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Benefits of Data Centre Remote Monitoring

Our service experts are always one step ahead, closely examining status reports and monitoring your data centre's performance to ensure uptime and efficiency. 
  • Improved Data Centre Uptime 
  • Optimised Capacity Utilisation 
  • 24/7 monitoring / 365 days a year 
  • Mitigating Risk 
  • Improve Visibility Across Systems 
  • Boost Productivity 
  • Reactive Response 
  • Improve Efficiency & PUE 
  • Expert Support 
  • Automated Alerts Via Email or SMS 
  • Customisable Thresholds & Alerts

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Benefits of Data Centre Remote Monitoring ServicesData Centre Remote Monitoring Provided by Infiniti IT

Reactive Data Centre Maintenance Services & 24/7 Call Out Response

Whatever the issue, we can help provide certainty in an emergency. Our specialists have sector-leading experience across all critical systems and processes. If the worst does happen, and your IT infrastructure develops a problem, we're on call to help advise.

With our emergency call-out and reactive data centre maintenance service, we'll mobilise a repair team day or night to keep your critical systems running. 
We always provide an data centre expert as your single point of contact who are contactable 24/7, 365 days a year. 

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Data Centre Remote Monitoring solutions in the UKData Centre Remote Monitoring
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