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Data Centre UPS installation services

Uninterruptible power supply solutions are vital for ensuring business continuity by protecting the critical network within your data centre or server room. Several forms of uninterruptible power supply systems are available and will vary depending on the required application, but its main purpose is to provide battery backup power to your data centre or server room in the event of a brown out, surge, or dip in the incoming power supply.

We offer professional advice ensuring your uninterruptible power supply solutions are efficient, correctly sized to cater for day 1 and future loads, meet requirements and fall within your budget. 

When selecting an uninterruptible power supply for your data centre or server room, the efficiency of the unit at part & full loads is paramount. It is important that the system is scalable and sized to the critical IT load as this avoids energy wastage due to system losses.

Other considerations are

  • Battery autonomy and the amount of autonomy in minutes, which is dictated by the particular systems and application they are protecting. Autonomy is often referred to as "uptime" or "battery back-up". 
  • Redundancy should be considered when installing into a data centre or server room. Uninterruptible power supplies can be configured as N+1 or in parallel. Providing additional resilience facilitates repairs during maintenance checks. 
  • The uninterruptible power supply systems found within a data centre or server room must have sufficient autonomy to support the critical loads whilst back-up generators come on line.

  • Small UPS Solutions
  • Medium UPS Solutions
  • Large UPS Solutions
  • Fly Wheel UPS Solutions
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Decommissioning

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