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Welcome to INFINITI. We are a UK-based data centre solutions provider specialising in data centre design, data centre construction and maintenance services throughout the UK and Europe, as well as providing products from our online store.

  • Full Data Centre Design and Build Services From Beginning To End
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  • Full Data Centre Maintenance Services To Maintain Your Systems
  • Data Centre Consultancy Services To Improve Your Systems
  • Secure Spaces For Server Rooms, Financial, & Laboratory Spaces

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What are the scales and various designs of a Data Centre?

What are the scales and various designs of a Data Centre?

Whenever we think of Data Centres, many of us think of huge warehouses with rows and rows full of racks of servers – and in some cases we are right. However, they come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a few servers in a room to large structures measuring in hundreds of thousands of square feet with tens of thousands of servers and other hardware. The sizes and types of hardware they contain vary depending upon the needs of the entity or entities they are supporting.



What Is A Data Centre? Why Do We Have Them?

What Is A Data Centre? Why Do We Have Them?

There was a time when our information demands were simpler. The main entertainment we had was TV shows and they are broadcasted into our homes at set times on a few channels, we typed up memos and letters in triplicate for paper distribution and backup and we had conversations on phones wired. Even mobiles used to be used just for calls and texts. However, since the dawn of the Internet, smartphones, tablets, high bandwidth broadband and other new technologies, we are constantly on the web and always demanding data to be delivered our devices.


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Who We Are...

We’re an independent, award-winning data centre  design, construction, and maintenance services provider, working across the UK and Europe to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to all your IT environments.

We offer all-encompassing design and build solutions within data environments, as well as consultancy services such as audits, energy assessment packages, and capacity planning services. 

As part of our green promise, we also endeavour to reduce annual energy consumption and create energy efficient environments with low power usage effectiveness (PUE), saving you money and creating a greener data environment.

What we do...

We’ll work with you on your data centre design, build, and construction projects, all the while working to deliver energy efficient data centres, server rooms, computer rooms, network rooms and comms rooms – and any other IT environments you may have. With over 25 years experience in the industry, you can rely on us to provide you with high quality, long lasting solutions. 

We work closely with our partners and suppliers to develop firm, long lasting relationships. Our decision to become partners or resellers of any supplier’s solutions is done so following a thorough assessment that covers performance, technological innovation and ongoing support. 

Find out what makes our data centre design and build, construction, and maintenance services different to our competitors.

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