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INFINITI is a UK based data centre solutions provider specialising in data centre design, build, construction and maintenance services throughout the UK and Europe.

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With a proven track record of solving our clients biggest challenges and mitigating any risks throughout the construction process. We will work with you to ensure every stage of the data centre installation process from site selection through to completion is a seamless process. As part of the data centre project process Infiniti will do the following: site selection, power review, project management & data centre design

We also provide ongoing data centre maintenance services to ensure all equipment within your data centre are functioning optimally. Taking care of a data centre is a full time job and by outsourcing the work to Infiniti, you will save yourself time and money by removing these pain points. We will make sure your data centre has a consistent uptime and is always safe and protected. If you would like to get in contact with our data centre experts who have decades of experience call us on 01993 774444 or fill in a fast free quote below.

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North West Ambulance data centre design and build by Infiniti IT

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At Infiniti, we construct data centres that provide maximum security and efficiency. We have a deep technical understanding and commercial awareness to ensure your business can compete with its competitors effortlessly with our modern data centre. As leading data centre consultants, we have decades of experience working closely with clients to carefully plan and execute complex facilities as well as upgrading or refurbishing current data centre infrastructures.

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