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Data Centre Cleaning

Looking for a competitive data centre cleaning service but not sure where to begin or who to trust? We provide bespoke deep cleaning services extending from a single cabinet to an complete data centre or data hall solution whilst meeting and exceeding all ISO standards.

Cleaning your data centre is essential to mitigate the risk of system failures, server issues, and unplanned downtime. Keeping your data centre environment clean not only improves system performance and service life, but is crucial for health and safety as an unclean data centre creates fire hazards.

Data Centre Cleaning

Dust, dirt and airborne contamination in your data centre can significantly harm employees, critical equipment and other vital hardware if not professionally maintained and cleaned to ISO standards. Professional deep cleaning procedures and correct methodology altogether benefits not only the health of employees and IT hardware but will help mitigate downtime and increase potential business growth.

Data centre cleaning in live environments requires an technical approach with appropriate equipment, suitable cleaning products and specialist skills. By choosing our data centre cleaning services, you would not only maintain your IT infrastructure but also preserve its lifetime. Click below for a free data centre cleaning quotation. 

Data Centre Cleaning Services UK provided by Infiniti ITServer Room Cleaning Services

Data Centre Cleaning Solutions

Specialist data centre cleaning services to ensure your IT infrastructure is dust and static free. We cover all cleaning aspects of your data centre or server room such as.

  • All System Hardware
  • Containment Systems
  • Data Cabinets
  • Sub-floor Voids
  • Ceiling Voids
  • Anti-Static Floors
  • Walls, Doors & Windows
  • ACU's, PDU's, UPS's
  • Air Flow Management & Control Systems
  • Mission Critical Systems

We can provide a complete tailored data centre cleaning solutions to meet your specific requirements whether it's a single deep clean or scheduled maintenance.

Cleaning Data Centres Data Centre Cabinet Cleaning

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Data Centre Cleaning Experts

We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly products and our trained data centre cleaning technicians use innovative techniques to meet and exceed ISO cleaning standards. Our data centre cleaning experts are background checked, insured and also health and safety trained to ensure your business is always protected, compliant and provides you with peace of mind throughout the cleaning process. 

With over 30 years in the industry, we have built an excellent reputation in the UK data centre cleaning market built on our commitment, data centre cleaning expertise and access to modern cleaning equipment. If your data centre requires immediate cleaning action, contact our team of experts below for a free site survey or quotation. 

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Data Centre Cleaning ExpertsData Centre Cleaning Solutions By Infiniti IT

Why Choose Us? 

We strive to exceed expectations through quality, flexibility and efficiency, based on our customer's specifications and requirements. 

  • Over 30 years experience and vast industry knowledge allowing us to deliver competitive and exceptional cleaning services
  • Trained & Certified Cleaning Engineers
  • Award winning service
  • Environmentally friendly approach to cleaning which is certified by ISO 14001 accreditation
  • Complete service provided in live IT environments
  • Flexible & tailored around your requirements 
  • Mitigate potential downtime and extend system service life
  • Full on-site service management

Data centre cleaning services in the UKServer Room cleaning services in the UK


How much does a data centre cleaning visit cost?

We offer a competitive data centre cleaning services that is tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Each cleaning project is different so costs can very. Fill out our data centre cleaning quick quotation form to get pricing today. 

How often should I clean my data centre? 

We recommended cleaning your data centre at least once a year, or more frequently if it is located in a dusty or humid environment. However, the frequency of cleaning should be determined by the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates in your data centre. 

What does our data centre cleaning services involve? 

Our data centre cleaning services include thorough cleaning of the entire facility and can also include;
  • Raised floors and ceiling voids
  • All floor types including anti-static, floor tiles and carpet
  • internal and external rack cleaning
  • Containment systems
  • Equipment and cables
  • Airflow management and control systems
  • Mission critical systems and panels


What are the risks of not cleaning your data centre? 

Neglecting data centre cleaning can lead to several risks including increased risk of equipment failure, decreased airflow and cooling efficiency, accumulation of dust and debris that can cause electrical issues, decreased equipment lifespan, and potential non-compliance with industry standards.

How can I extend the service life of my equipment?

By ensuring your data centre is well ventilated, free of contaminants and dust, you can help extend the service life of critical systems and equipment. Cleaning will also improve the airflow within the data centre as airflow management and control systems will be cleared for better ventilation.

Can you provide data centre cleaning services in a live environment? 

Data centre cleaning can be performed in live IT environments, but it requires careful planning and coordination to minimise disruptions. Our data centre cleaning technicians use certain techniques and equipment to ensure minimal impact on the operation of the data centre. 

Is your initial data centre cleaning consultation free?

Yes, we offer an initial no-obligation meeting free of charge. Call us on 01993 774444 for your free meeting with our data centre cleaning experts. We also have a quick quotation form if you have the specifications ready. 

The importance of cleaning your data centre

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Data Centre

Ensuring your data centre is clean has always been important. However, because of the pandemic, following cleaning best practises has become even more valuable. Covid is transmitted in two ways: through respiratory particles and by touching contaminated surfaces. If many people are entering your data centre throughout the day, regularly cleaning touchpoints and surfaces reduces the risk of transmission, so staff can keep healthy and avoid needing to isolate.

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