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INFINITI has extensive experience delivering successful data centre & server room installation projects, from small tenders to large corporate and public sector contracts. Our specialist installation services provide all aspects you need to get going!

At Infiniti IT, our experienced team delivers high-performance data centre installations, which range from small to large bespoke data centre designs that meet your business's demands. We offer project management, refurbishment, data cabling, and complete server room fitting as part of our installation services. Our award-winning design engineers also offer free quotes to all organisations across the UK and Europe.

Data centres are a valuable tool for organisations across all industries, which is why they require specialist skills and years of experience to install. With over 25 years of experience, our team expertly manages the entire data centre installation process. This includes integration and testing of all major components, such as cabinets and servers, and ensuring everything complies with energy efficiency standards.

Why Choose Our Data Centre Installation Services?

Clear Consistent Communication

We tailor our designs and installations around your preferences and business demands. This is why we maintain constant contact and are transparent throughout the design and installation process.

Efficient & Fast Transitions

Every data centre installation we deliver is on time and within budget, this ensures your organisation transitions smoothly onto the new servers which mitigate any risks to day to day business services. Our team supports your company throughout the process, so we install your data centre within scope and without any delays.

Innovative Data Centre Design

To guarantee your organisation’s data centre is future-proof, we deliver innovative designs featuring the latest, energy-efficient technology with every installation.

Establishing your data centre as energy-efficient saves your organisation money on expensive electrical costs and increases the lifespan of your equipment. If your data centre has a high power consumption rate, your computer systems could overheat which may lead to them becoming damaged. You can measure your centre’s power usage in PUE (power usage effectiveness) to understand how energy-efficient the technology is and whether it’s saving your company money and time.

See how other companies have benefited by exploring the Case Studies of some of our most successful data centre & server room installations across the UK and Europe.

Our Data Centre Installation Services 

Server Room Installation

Server rooms store, power, and improve the performance of computer servers within a data centre. They will house multiple physical server racks in an air-conditioned room to avoid any overheating. It’s recommended that a business has specialist support when setting up a server room to guarantee the installation process is smooth and efficient.

At Infiniti IT, our team manages all aspects of your server room installation. There are many factors to consider during this process and our experienced team will guide you towards the best outcome for your organisation.

For example, your server room will need to be placed in the optimal and secure position within your building, this reduces the cost of wiring and the risk of severs overheating from being compact into a small space. It doesn’t matter how large the scale of your server room installation is, our team supports your business with the installation of hardware, such as cable management, and software, like a remote administrative operating system (EMS). 

Once our team has installed your innovative new data centre, we offer affordable maintenance services. All our data centre maintenance packages are bespoke to your organisation and are an effective long-term investment. They ensure your data centre is functioning successfully, energy-efficient, and working to optimal capacity.

The Benefits of Expert Data Centre & Server Room Installation

Protect Mission-Critical Infrastructure 

Once a data centre has been installed, there must be effective safeguarding systems. These protections will reduce the risk of problems causing unplanned downtime for an organisation. Here are four critical safety features every data centre & server room installation should include:

  • Physical Security - Intruder alarm systems and access control.
  • Fire Suppression System - It’s vital to protect your data centre from any fires, this ensures all your organisation’s data will remain secure and protected.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - Losing power could result in unplanned downtime or losses of data, that’s why backup power systems are essential.
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems - early warning and alert notifications.

Efficient Energy Management 

Our installation services create an energy-efficient data centre that is cost-effective and useful for your organisation. This includes the energy management of critical systems within a data centre, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and air conditioners.

Increased Security

Data centre security is essential as it protects an organisations data from external threats such as cyberattacks, as well as small internal issues that can escalate. Physical and cybersecurity standards should be high to reduce the risk of any threats negatively impacting a data centre.

If you are developing a continuity plan, considering Gap Analysis to improve resilience, building a new data facility, or upgrading an existing data centre installation, contact our award-winning team of design engineers for advice or a quick free quote!

Get in touch to find out how our team maximises your data centre performance, minimise your energy consumption, generate a measurable return on investment (ROI), and deliver a fully integrated data centre installation.

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