Data Centre Security

Data Centre Security

Down time within IT environments will inevitably be the result of a breach in security and human intervention, thus, data centre security is paramount. By limiting access to these critical environments, managers and operators reduce risks from both internal and external sources.

Data Centre Security Solutions

Down time within data centre server & computer room environments will inevitably be the result of a breach in security and human intervention. Limiting access to these critical environments helps managers and operators reduce risk. 

Sites have to implement physical security measures and network security to secure data digitally. If you store sensitive and highly valuable data, you need similar security measures to protect your data centre.

We offer impartial advice on the best data centre access control, Bio-metric, Iris Readers and CCTV system available, then design, supply and install to the latest industry standards and regulations. All of our data centre security solutions are designed and installed with full certification, ensuring IT Infrastructure is fully protected. 

Data Centre Security SolutionsData Centre Security
Biometric Scanner

Access Control Systems

Stand alone or web server based security solutions using the latest industry encrypted technology, access control systems have open or closed protocols to work with multi-vendor readers & bio metric systems. 

Access control systems are imperative to ensure data centre security, limiting access to authorised personnel only. 

CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

As they are very high value targets, CCTV security solutions are a must for server rooms & IT environments, with the ability to monitor and record every entry with motion detection. 

CCTV data centre security solutions are also a visible deterrent, and will collect evidence should your data centre security be compromised.  

Does It Matter Where I locate My Data Centre?

Does It Matter Where I locate My Data Centre?

Well does it matter? Choosing a IT Infrastructure to host a business’s data is no small undertaking. Where data is stored is of high importance for number of reasons. Data is digital information stored on computer servers and when accessed is carried across networks.

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