Data Centre Maintenance

Data Centre & Server Room Maintenance

Data centre maintenance services 

INFINITI provides preventative and proactive data centre maintenance services as a dedicated service or part of an overall package. Having our experts regularly servicing your IT infrastructure will significantly reduce the chances of any downtime and failure.

INFINITI Data Centre Maintenance Solutions

At Infiniti, our team delivers dedicated industry-leading data centre maintenance for our clients throughout the UK and Europe. Maintenance and support services are essential to keep data stored securely and mission-critical infrastructure operating efficiently and effectively.

Any downtime can cause a significant loss for your organisation. Whether it’s a loss of revenue, damaged reputation, or missing out on customers, data centre failure has many negative repercussions. Your company can avoid these issues with Infiniti’s comprehensive data centre maintenance services.

Managing a data centre or planning server room maintenance is a full-time role. Ensuring all equipment in data centre environments is functioning optimally is a massive strain on in-house resources. It’s also difficult to source the right expertise for an internal data centre maintenance team. By working with Infiniti, your company removes these pain points to ensure consistent uptime and data centre reliability.

Data Centre Maintenance

Why Choose Infiniti IT Data Centre Maintenance?

Infiniti begins every contract with our clients with a site visit or meeting to understand your requirements and business expectations. Our expert team has years of experience tailoring bespoke data centre & server room maintenance services to different mission-critical IT infrastructure. Whether your company needs periodic site maintenance or total data centre management, our team can implement the correct solution for you.

Once we confirm the best SLA for your business, Infiniti allocates a full-time team member to manage and maintain your organisation’s data centre. From there we deliver preventive and reactive maintenance, 24/7 emergency call-outs, and remote monitoring. These comprehensive support services ensure your company’s data centre is secure and operating efficiently.

Our Data Centre & Server Room Maintenance Services

Data Centre & Server Room Maintenance

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Preventative Data Centre Maintenance

Data centre infrastructure requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning at peak performance. This includes Air-conditioning, UPS, Generators, Fire suppression and Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS). Our team will create a bespoke plan designed to reduce the risk of downtime or data losses. Preventative maintenance aims to identify and fix any potential problems before they escalate and affect your organisation’s day to day operations.

As part of our preventative maintenance services, Infiniti IT provides a dedicated INFINITI coordinator to act as your organisation’s point of contact. Alongside the coordinator, our team of expert IT engineers has years of experience finding and fixing faults in data centre systems. We aim to deliver a service that means the functioning of your data centre is stress-free and reliable.

24/7 Reactive Data Centre Maintenance Services

An issue can occur with a data centre or server room at any time. Faults in UPS, air conditioning, and generator systems need to be fixed fast. If a problem is allowed to escalate, this leads to unplanned downtime, data losses, and reduced staff productivity. Avoid any fault impacting your organisation with our 24/7 emergency call-out services 365 days a year.

Reactive data centre maintenance focuses on reacting to an issue, identifying how it can be fixed, and executing the solution fast. If a problem occurs, contact Infiniti IT and we will mobilise a repair team whenever you need support. Reactive maintenance is available any time day or night to keep your company’s mission-critical systems, such as UPS, fire suppression, and environmental monitoring systems, functioning.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of your data centre ensures potential problems are identified before they affect your organisation. Having a team of IT engineers and experts monitoring the hardware remotely means issues can’t escalate. Infiniti IT receives a stream of technical information on the critical systems so our team can alert you on any faults.

Our team monitors and analyses data produced from your data centre systems. Checking daily updates allows us to spot trends and patterns. This makes identifying potential problems before they escalate easier, as well as making our emergency call-out response time faster.

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Data Centre Maintenance

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Data Centre & Server Room Maintenance

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