Data Centre Capacity Planning

Data Centre Capacity Planning

Our team of data centre capacity planning experts will conduct a full analysis of your data centre hardware and equipment, and will highlight any vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems.

Has your business undergone changes or growth in recent years? Have you recently streamlined the delivery of your IT services? You may need a data centre capacity planning report to ensure you now have the right capacity in your power and cooling infrastructure.

Data Centre Capacity Planning

During any data centre works, your facilities may be taking on strain due to additional hardware and traffic. This could result in potential unplanned downtime, creating an unproductive and frustrating environment for your team and staff.

During our data centre capacity planning survey, we’ll examine your data centre and talk to you about:

  • Power and cooling capacity
  • Floor Space
  • Network capacity 
  • Project strategy
  • Consolidation of existing data centre
  • Deployment of critical systems and hardware
  • Future expansion

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We will also discuss any new requirements you may have. For example, the deployment of blade servers, HPC (High Performance Clusters), Net Apps, SANs and other proprietary cabinets, as these higher density systems demand far more power and cooling requirements. We'll factor these into our data centre capacity planning report, so you can ensure your facility is prepared for all upgrades. Having been to site, we’ll then produce a data centre capacity planning report.

Put simply, this will tell you how much capacity you have in your power and cooling infrastructure. As standard, our reports will include anecdotal and statistical findings. Require additional consultancy services? Click below to discover what we can offer your business today. 

Data Centre Capacity Solutions Provided By Infiniti ITData Centre Capacity Planning Services

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Data Centre Capacity Planning Solutions

We’ll also offer advice and solutions regarding how to make improvements if our data centre capacity planning report reveals areas of concern. It may be that we recommend minor changes, or we might recommend moving your data centre to new premises to secure more space. In which case we can also determine the suitability of an identified location or building before you make a large capital investment.

If required we can also install data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software to monitor your data centre in real time, over a period of months, to track how your facilities are working and how much power you have left over time. Click below to learn more about our DCIM services and on how we can help track your capacity today.

DCIM Services


What is data centre capacity planning? 

Data centre capacity planning refers to the process of evaluating and determining the resources required to meet the current and future needs of a data centre. It involves analysing factors such as power, cooling, floor space, network connectivity, and server capacity to ensure that the data centre can accommodate the growth of IT infrastructure and applications.

What are the key components of data centre capacity planning? 

  • Power Capacity: Determining the power requirements of the data centre, including UPS systems, generators, and distribution units.
  • Cooling Capacity: Assessing the cooling requirements to prevent overheating and maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels.
  • Floor Space: Calculating the physical space needed for servers, racks, networking equipment, and other infrastructure components.
  • Network Capacity: Evaluating the bandwidth and connectivity requirements for data transmission and communication within the data centre.
  • Server Capacity: Estimating the number of servers and their processing power needed to handle current and future workloads.


How often should data centre capacity planning be performed?

The frequency of data centre capacity planning depends on the organisation's growth rate, industry trends, and technology advancements. However, it is generally recommended to conduct capacity planning at least once a year or whenever there are significant changes in business requirements or IT infrastructure. Regular monitoring and periodic reviews are essential to ensure that the data centre can meet the evolving needs of the organisation effectively.

Why is data centre capacity planning vital? 

Effective capacity planning is crucial for organisations to avoid costly downtime, ensure uninterrupted operations, and meet the growing demands of their IT infrastructure. It helps businesses allocate resources efficiently, optimise performance, and make informed decisions regarding expansion, equipment upgrades, and technology investments.

Can you migrate our existing data to a new server?

Yes. We have a team of data centre migration specialists who have vast experience migrating data for some of the the UK's largest technology companies. Fill out this contact form to find out how we can help.

The Data Centre: From Business Resource To Business Backbone!

The Data Centre: From Business Resource To Business Backbone!

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