Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our specialist team provides bespoke BMS systems that feature the most advanced energy saving technology for new constructions, restorations, and system improvements. We provide either a standalone, pre-programmed BMS or multi-building systems that operates through ethernet or fibre optic LANs. 

Building Management System (BMS)

A Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS) is an electronic system used to monitor and control building's electrical and mechanical equipment, such as HVAC, lighting, energy, fire protection, and security systems. It also allows landlords and building owners to monitor and reduce energy costs whilst providing a comfortable environment for tenants and users.

Moreover, a BMS enables remote management of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, meaning that maintenance personnel do not have to waste time visiting each room in the building to turn off, switch on, or adjust temperature and air conditioning levels. 
All data collected is consolidated in a single bespoke system, our BMS solution enhances reporting and information management, leading to quality decision-making and improved performance, as well as energy conservation and cost savings. 
Building Management System Installation By Infiniti Building Management Systems By Infiniti IT

Building Management System Experts 

We provide bespoke building management systems, beginning with a comprehensive specification from the customer. Our extensive knowledge of all industry sectors and structures is used to understand the customer's needs and generate an appropriate tailored solution. We provide a variety of BMS manufactures including; 
  • Schneider 
  • Trend
  • Honeywell 
  • Satchwell
  • Siemens
  • Johnson Controls
  • TAC
  • Priva
Building Management System Commissioning Building Management Systems Supplied By Infiniti

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Building Management System Devices & Controllers

At the core of our BMS solutions are smart server devices which provides key functionalities such as control logic, trend logging, alarm supervision and supports communication and connectivity to the I/O and field buses. These powerful server devices can act as an standalone server, control I/O modules whilst monitoring and managing field bus devices. In medium and large installations, functionality is distributed over multiple SmartStruxure server devices that communicate over TCP/IP.

Our building management system solutions provides a powerful secure permission system that is easy to manage, flexible, and adapts to all kinds of system sizes. The permission system provides a security level to the highest standards. Authentication is done against the built-in user account management system or against Windows Active Directory Domains. The built-in account management system allows an administrator to set password policies that meet stringent Cybersecurity guidelines

Building Management System Server Device Building Management Systems Controller Device

BMS Power Monitoring Software

We provide an bespoke power monitoring software which is a complete supervisory software package for power management applications. This software will collect and organise data gathered from your facility's electrical network and presents it as insightful and actionable information via an intuitive web interface. This bespoke software provides many features such as. 

    • Highly scalable, flexible, and open architecture
    • Real-time monitoring via a secure, multi user web portal 
    • Trend Graphing & Event Logging 
    • Manual or Automated Control 
    • Automated Reports 
    • Measure efficiency, reveal opportunities and measure energy contract compliance
    • Improve response to power-related problems and provide information to help proactively assess potential issues

    Building Management System Software By Infiniti

    What Is Data Centre Monitoring?

    What Is Data Centre Monitoring?

    A critical aspect of keeping your data centre running efficiently is monitoring the live status and health of your IT environment. This includes keeping track of metrics in real time such as rack power, cooling, battery backup and network utilisation so you can identify any potential issues before they arise. 

    Monitoring your data centre also provides the critical insight needed to improve efficiency, maximise energy savings, and mitigate any potential downtime to services. With DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) software, you can collect and analyse data from sensors and devices within your data centre environment, helping you make data driven decisions in real time.

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