Decommissioning & Strip Out

Decommissioning & Strip Out

At Infiniti, we understand data centre decommissioning and strip out works comes with a lot of challenges. When you decide to decommission your data centre, rely on us to securely and safely decommission your IT infrastructure regardless of location, scale or scope of work.

Data Centre Decommissioning and Strip Out Professionals 

Decommissioning a data centre is a complicated procedure that requires procedure and certified engineers, all while adhering to the latest regulations and standards. Every system such as Fire Suppression and Air Conditioning has its own decommissioning procedure and standard. We provide a complete disposal and waste collection service following your decommissioning and strip out project,  ensuring 100% of your waste is recycled.

Companies frequently have to modernise or consolidate their data centre systems after a migration or relocation for example. Regardless of the conditions, the decommissioning of a data centre requires extensive planning and supervision by experienced engineers. With over 25 years within the data centre sector, we have developed both a dynamic and comprehensive approach to the decommissioning and strip out process whilst ensuring transparency between the client and project manager. 

Data Centre Decommissioning and Strip Out Services Data Centre Decommissioning and Strip Out Solutions

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Our Data Centre Decommissioning and Strip Out Services 

We can manage all aspects of your decommissioning project, having in-house experts in facilities, IT systems and cabling. We cover all systems such as:
Data Centre Decommissioning By Infiniti ITData Centre Strip Out Services

What Our Data Centre Strip Our Includes

Before we begin stripping out your data centre, we will establish a Decommissioning Plan and Proposal including the below:
  • Identifying all equipment and systems to be decommissioned 
  • Determine decommissioning timeline 
  • Method Of Procedure according to client’s needs 
  • Engineered demolition plans for permit and approval submission

We assign every client a full-time data centre decommissioning project manager and on-site supervisor as their point of contact. They’re available throughout the process to answer any questions, provide support, and ensure your strip out project matches your organisation’s requirements.

Data Centre Strip Out Services By Infiniti ITData Centre Decommissioning By Infiniti IT
How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

How To Effectively Set Up A Server Room

A server room is an essential aspect of any business as it allows data storage servers and computer networking devices to operate. To set up a server room, the installation needs to comply with the safety protocols of your organisation and support your IT infrastructure. Utilising specific design features ensures mission-critical computer systems can operate securely and safely. Fire suppression systems, environmental controls, and cooling systems all contribute to the smooth running of a server room. 

If you’re not sure what features your server room needs, a professional can advise you on the systems required. IT support, both in-house and outsourced IT companies, spend much of their time and resources troubleshooting computer system issues in a server room. While regular maintenance will help prevent issues and allow engineers to fix problems before they escalate. Installing an effective design will prevent many IT issues from occurring.

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