Data Centre Construction Week 1

Data Centre Design

Following a competitive tendering process, INFINITI a data centre consultancy and construction specialist has been awarded a data centre design & construction contract for a world leading marine science research centre in the South West of England. UK. 

The project was awarded under a JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) works contract and included penalty clauses or LAD's (Liquidated & Ascertained Damages) so it was vital that the project finished on time and on budget to meet the organisations data centre migration plans. INFINITI was appointed principal contractor for CDM (Construction Design Management) purposes and will liaise with the client appointed Contract Administrator and CDMC (Construction Design Management Coordinator) throughout the duration of the project.

This blog will cover the full data centre construction process spread over an 8 week duration and we will be providing you with a detailed insight that covers the implementation of a data centre facility from design approval of detailed construction drawings and initial strip out right through to final commissioning, witness testing, project completion and handover to our client all within an aggressive 8 week programme. All works have been undertaken within a completely live and busy office building environment.

The design ethos of the data centre facility is scalable and offers our client a complete flexibility with future expansion and will accommodate 100% growth if required, but still ensuring losses are kept to a minimum and that the data centre is as efficient as possible even at lower initial day loads.

Performance Specification Overview

  • Modular Data Centre Construction with 1 hour fire rated composite panels
  • Heavy duty anti-static vinyl flooring system
  • 100kVA Transformerless UPS with approx. 17 minutes autonomy
  • 85kW N+1 Efficient Direct Expansion CRAC units fitted with EC fans
  • Generator Changeover Panel
  • 4kW cabinet model or medium density with the ability to support 7kW cabinet model for high density servers and HPC's with intelligent monitored PDU's
  • 24 cabinet design with hot aisle containment system (HACS)
  • IG55 Fire Suppression system with VESDA
  • Access control
  • CAT6 & OM3 LC-LC data connectivity and cabinet patch links
  • Full Data Centre Infrastructure Management DCiM or BMS

Week 1 - Survey & Strip Out

Located on the 2nd floor and centralised within the main building, the identified space to retro fit the new data centre facility is currently utilised as office / terminal room, storage and meeting space. All three area would need to be opened up into one larger area to accommodate the desired 24 server and network cabinets.

Doorways Leading to Data Centre Construction Project

Image showing the entrance doorways and vision panel for office / terminal room

Office Room That We Refurbished Into a Data Centre

Image showing office / terminal room

Meeting Rooms Were Merged with Office Rooms

Image showing meeting room and storage area with heavy duty safe

Our design team surveyed the area and identified existing services that would either need diverting, relocating or complete removal if deemed redundant. Typical services are electrical sockets and lighting systems, mechanical services such as air-conditioning, heating systems and ducting, copper data and fibre cabling, fire and security systems. 

All the above systems are generally found within commercial and office buildings and would need to be relocated or removed to accommodate the data centre design. All works were carried out by INFINITI engineers who also liaised with the clients incumbent fire and security contractors.

Existing Cooling & Power Units

Images showing large amount of data cabling that would need to be diverted to accommodate the preferred data centre cooling design. Office comfort cooling ceiling mounted cassettes were de-gassed and removed. 

Fire & Security Systems We Stripped Out

Above image showing intruder alarm system for the building and fire hydrant which where relocated as part of the initial strip out works

It's critical that sufficient time is allowed to safely remove existing services during the initial 1st week of the project, and before any demolition works are carried out to avoid costly outages to business services.

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