Data Centre generator installation

A 120 Tonne Crane Was Required

INFINITI a data centre consultancy and construction specialist has been awarded a contract to install a 500kVA Standby Generator installation in the north east. The back-up generator will support the organisations data centre, call centre and office areas ensuring continuous power to business critical services.

To enable switching between the DNO supply and the new generator a bespoke 800amp changeover panel or ATS was manufactured within 3 weeks and installed at site. Due to space constraints within the buildings LV switch room, standard "off the shelf" ATS changeover panels would not fit within the available space above the DNO chamber and required a specially manufactured bespoke panel.

The ATS changeover panel consisted of:

800amp MCCB DNO Incomer

800amp MCCB 500kVA Standby Generator Incomer

400amp MCCB Build Supply

400amp MCCB Data Centre Supply

A complete building shutdown was required and INFINITI arranged attendance of an AP (Approved Person) from the local power provider to isolate the supply from the local transformer prior to fitting and connecting into the generator ATS change over panel. To ensure these works didn’t affect the business in anyway, the works where completed out of office hours over two very long evenings starting at 8pm then finishing at 4am.

The positioning of the generator set would be at the rear of the building fixed to a pre-poured reinforced concrete slab all contained within a secure plant compound. INFINITI arranged for a contract crane lift to lift the data centre generator into position and to avoid a road closure which can take up to 8 weeks to organise through the local authorities. A much larger 120 tonne crane was used and situated within the office car park to lift the 5 tonne generator up and over the office building.

120 Tonne Crane To Lift The Data Centre Generator

Arrival of 120 tonne crane along with "eki pads" placed under out riggers to avoid damage to blocked paved & tarmacked surfaces

Crane Extended To Full Boom To Pick Up The Generator

Full boom extension on 120 tonne crane

Data Centre Generator Being Lifted By Crane

Crane straps fastened to data centre generator lifting holes situated on either side of the bunded fuel tank

Data Centre Generator Suspended Above Building

 A great shot with sun behind boom as generator is lifted over building

Data Centre Generator Blocking the Sun

Another great shot with sun behind generator being lifted over building

120 Tonne Crane Bending

Image showing slight bend in crane boom which I am told is normal

Generator Lowered Into Its Final Position

Data centre generator now being lowered carefully into its final position on the slab

Data Centre Generator in its Final Position

Data centre generator in its final position

More photos of this particular data centre generator installation can be found along with other project photos in a our gallery section.

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