There are many data centre and IT companies that when designing your server room, will attempt to convince you to include new and expensive cooling systems into the project, with a promise that their efficiency will save you money in the long run by using less power, making considerable savings and resulting in a greener data centre. Sounds good, right? But there’s a catch.

While you’ll probably be shown graphs and figures highlighting the savings you could make by investing in these server room cooling systems, the power usage figures they will have based their calculations on are most likely of your final day server rollout, not your day one setup.This is a significant problem, as a data centre usually takes around 2-3 years to reach its planned full capacity, so right away the money saved in power usage by investing in these systems will be considerably less than what you’ve been shown, at least until your data centre or server room is fully populated. 

The other issue with the savings model used for these cooling systems is that as well as basing their figures on a fully populated data centre, they are also calculated at a 100% full IT load, where each server will be running at 100% capacity. The reality of this however, is that the average day one IT load for a data centre will usually only ever peak at around 50%, and even once the server room is fully populated, the final IT load will never exceed 80%.

When discussing return on investment for any solution provided, check to see the figures it is based on, especially if you haven’t been consulted on your IT plans, as it could be they are considerably overestimating how quickly your investment will be returned. In fact, by the time your new cooling systems have paid for themselves and start saving you money, it’s likely to have already been surpassed by newer innovative technology anyway.

When you consider that its good practice to replace your cooling systems every 5-10 years, it becomes apparent that high end expensive systems are not the best value for money, as you’ll likely be upgrading to newer systems by the time your investment is returned.

Not all companies work this way though, and at INFINITI we never skew our figures when highlighting cost effective and efficient server room systems. We believe in supplying what’s best for our customer, not pushing for specific suppliers, and we’ll take the time to learn your planed IT rollouts from day one onwards. This, coupled with our knowledge of how much load your servers will take based on their function and planned rollout, means that the figures we give will always be an accurate representation of return of investment and energy saving figures.

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