This blog is being written in response to several works that we have attended recently to perform cable maintenance on data centres and server rooms, and what we have found is not just bad workmanship, its outright dangerous.

We had recently taken on a job of rewiring a data centre, and when we arrived what we saw was shocking. Cables were crisscrossed in such volumes that it resembled nothing more than a woven mat, not one was labelled, and over the course of the cable maintenance we found that many were redundant but were never unplugged, simply due to the customer having no idea which cable was which. 

As you can imagine, upon discovering this, the work became much more difficult, however we rose to the challenge and the result was a neat and tidy job, every cable correctly labelled and all redundant and obsolete cables were removed.

As you can see from our results, this is how your data centre cables should be wired, none are tangled around each other, and all of them are neatly arranged for easy access. When you start to allow your cables to mat, you lose the ability to easily identify and remove individual cables. 

This then creates several problems. By not removing redundant cables, your systems lose efficiency as you are forced to buy more hardware in order to cope with the apparent lack of ports. How often have you found a loose cable and asked “what’s this cable for?” only to hear the response “no idea”? 

Badly arranged cabling also affects your data centre or server room’s efficiency, and in a way that is much harder to identify: Hotspots. 

When cables are all bunched and matted together, it restricts the airflow to the back of the server racks, so the hot air cannot be drawn away and will instead collect, raising the overall temperature of your data centre and forcing your cooling units to work even harder to correct the problem, wasting both energy and money.

Importance of using industry tradesman

The dangers arising from this are very real, as if these hotspots are missed or ignored they can potentially lead to a fire in your data centre, ruining your systems and endangering both lives and data. Since the cooler air cannot penetrate the tangle of cables, the temperature at the back of your server can easily reach 70-80°C, which is hot enough to degrade the plastic cable insulation leaving bare wires and increasing the risk of an electrical fire, and will also affect the components in your servers internal hardware, creating another fire hazard.

By engaging the services of registered industry tradesmen and installers, you can be sure that all best practice methods and industry standards are adhered to, and prevent your upgrades doing more harm than good. 

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