A New Data Centre Surge

The Effects Post Brexit.

Since the EU referendum’s leave result was announced, we at INFINITI have seen close to a threefold increase in requests for data centre construction works within the UK, a sudden surge which can only be attributed to the growing uncertainty over the future of EU data centres and associated cloud hosting, and how it may be affected post Brexit.

The EU was already in a state of upheaval over its citizen’s data due to the invalidation of Safe Harbour and the troubles that have stalked its successor, Privacy Shield. But now in the wake of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, confusion reigns and businesses are extremely troubled, questioning how they and the cloud hosting data centres they use may be affected, with no answers forthcoming.

We believe that this is why businesses are now seeking data centre construction projects, as they have decided to bring their data centres in-house, ensuring that their data is secure, protected, and accessible no matter the outcome of the UK’s negotiation talks.

As well as data centre construction projects, we have also had numerous requests to undertake data centre feasibility studies from companies who are unsure whether they will remain with cloud hosted data centres or whether they will bring their data centres in-house. They engaged our feasibility studies to see how much it would cost to build their own corporate data centres, and we have consistently found that with all of our feasibility studies, owning and running your own data centre is cheaper in the long run than renting cloud space, and, speaking from experience, it is indeed safer and more secure then hosting.

In this time of data uncertainty, with the worry that the EU could potentially restrict data movement to the UK, there’s no wonder that businesses would rather centralise and consolidate their data under their own roof now, rather than have to face a huge upheaval at some point in the near future.

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