When it’s time for a new data centre, the biggest question you face will be, should I refurbish my current one, or design and build a brand new data centre? We’ll discuss the issues and potential problems affecting both, and hopefully make your data centre design and build a bit easier.

The big question you need to ask is “what will I use my data centre for, what are my business needs?” While only you can answer this, the best thing to do is to analyse the work your servers are currently doing, and think about how much you foresee them doing in the future. It’s good to note however that if your current data centre is rather old, modern systems are much more efficient and powerful, so you may not need as many as you think, in which case a data centre refurbishment will probably be your best option.

Once you’ve worked out your needs, then you need to look at the existing space in your data centre. Will it hold the amount you desire? Are you looking to just add 4 or 5 extra cabinets, or 40? If it’s a lot, it would be better to do undergo a brand new data centre construction, but if it’s only a few, and you won’t need many more in the future, remember you can always extend the current room, or knock through a wall into another room. If you’re having trouble working out exactly what you’ll need, we can help with your capacity planning. 

The advantages of a refurbishment in an old room over a new data centre build is that the infrastructure and systems are already in place, the existing data centre cooling and the environmental monitoring systems can simply be reused. 

When refurbishing a room, it’s very easy for a new data centre design to be a more efficient layout too, to make greater use of the existing cooling systems or designed to incorporate new systems. Refurbishing like this also has the added benefit of being quicker than a new build, and less expensive, but it can be restrictive in the future should you seek to greatly expand.

The advantages of a new data centre build means you can design your data centre to have more room than you need, thus allowing for further upgrades in future. This however can have its own problems. Many businesses lose thousands of pounds every year on data centre cooling for a large room, when only a quarter of it is in use.

Remember too, that it’s better to have less servers running high loads, then many servers running low, as this is a huge waste of money on the electricity used to power them and the data centre cooling systems needed.

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