Data Centres in 2018: How Are They Adapting?

So, you might be wondering… with the dramatic shift towards digital, why do we still need physical data centres if we’re routinely directed to put almost everything up on a cloud?

The cloud might be the go-to platform for Joe Blogs’ to store his Magaluf photos, but for businesses, physical data centres are still an extremely crucial part of business practice, and for a good majority are still a critical resource even with the paradigm shift in data management.

As the industry adapts to digital, data centres quickly follow. According to Russell Senesac, a spokesperson on behalf of ‘Data Centre Knowledge’, data centres and cloud technology have started to develop in harmony - with cloud based DCIM (data centre infrastructure management) or DMaaS (data management as a service) allowing for remote control of physical data sites wherever, whenever.  According to Senesac, "this enables maximised protection of critical equipment through smart alarming and remote troubleshooting. At the same time, DMaaS is able to help improve availability and efficiency and offer foresight into potential risks by leveraging global benchmarks and analysis. DMaaS can alert to issues, offer predictions, eliminate downtime and offer real-time insights. The wealth of knowledge that will now be available will help data centre managers identify how to best manage their hybrid environment moving forward." 

With this in mind, it voids the stigma of data centres requiring a whole lot of man power to function. Through new methods of management, Data Centres become extremely accessible, manageable and easy to regulate. In turn, this new lease of life could lead to businesses actively seeking out physical builds rather than solely relying on cloud technology, due to the progressive ease of maintenance, whilst having something tangible and localised you can rely on if the weather changes. 

...what more could you want when trying to run an efficient data centre? 

Ultimately, the cloud definitely isn’t here to replace physical data centres, it is here to supplement them. If you’re interested in finding out more about data centre trends.

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