Server Room Design and Planning

Server Room Design and Planning

From the initial design concepts to the final server room installation, you will need industry-leading technical insights.

The majority of SMEs have an environment that supports their mission-critical server and network requirements. This is what a server room offers to businesses, a location on your premises that provides data and network communication to conference rooms, office areas, production, and storage spaces via local LANs.

Server Room Design Solutions

The right server room design doesn’t only support your business’s day-to-day operations, it supports your company’s growth and delivers a return on investment. Mission critical infrastructure that safeguards your valuable hardware assets and data requires a server room installation that’s tailored to your premises and technical requirements.

Our award winning server room design experts create high quality designs focused on achieving your objectives. You don’t have to navigate a complicated process, our team does the hard work so you can work on your company before considering the proposal and estimated price. Please click below for our fast quote form which allows you to quickly and easily receive pricing for your upcoming server room design project.

Server Room Design and Planning Installation Server Room Design and Planning Services

You don’t have to worry about unplanned downtime, lost business, or data losses. Our industry-leading team works with you to maximise the upside of the server room to deliver an installation that ensures a high ROI.

  • Functionality study and design workshop to highlight the effectiveness and constraints. 
  • Full server room design, construction drawings, and programme for approval. 
  • Fully supervised coordination of contractors. 
  • Evaluation and server room design analysis, budget costing, and ROI models. 
  • Health and safety site files, notification of F10, and CDM coordination. 
  • Both fully integrated and witness testing schedules with load banks. 
  • First stage layout designs and specifications for planning applications. 
  • Designated server room design project manager as your single point of contact. 
  • Handover training, operation manuals, and ongoing support.
Server room design services by Infiniti ITServer room design services in the UK by Infiniti IT

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Award Winning Server Room Design

Server room solutions recognised with several awards for design, reliability, and efficiency throughout the years. Our server room design experts dedicate significant time to researching and assessing the latest products and innovative technologies. Through our unique approach, your investment in the new server room installation is sustainable for your long-term operations.

We assess your operational requirements, available space, and needed environmental systems. From there we design a server room that safeguards your operations and removes the risk of costly repairs and total breakdowns. All the power and cooling infrastructure, UPS, and designed to maximum efficiency and operational effectiveness.

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Award winning server room design and build servicesServer room design experts


What are requirements to design a server room?

When we look to design and build a server room we look at three main components. 

  • High-availability - we always look to build server rooms hat have the ability to provide continuous operations for your business. Our server room designs achieves high-availability by installing maintainable IT and support infrastructure that minimises faults, system failures and downtime.
  • Flexibility - a server room must be flexible to accommodate any future growth of new services with as little change to it's IT infrastructure as possible.
  • Simplicity - the simpler the server room design the better it is to reduce failures, cost of installation and to allow seamless monitoring and scheduled maintenance.

Server Room Design Aspects 

When we look to build a server room we look at three main components. 

  • Servers.
  • Computers
  • Networking equipment, like routers and switches.
  • Security, like a biometric security system.
  • Storage, such as backup storage.
  • Server room management software.


Innovative Server Room Design 

At Infiniti, we tailor every server room to the requirements of the business. We will review the individual requirements of the business and specify exactly what they need from their server room and IT support infrastructure.

To find out how we can design, build and install server rooms for your business, call us on 01993 774444 to find out more.

Are your server room's energy efficient?

Yes! All of our server rooms are designed to reduce annual energy consumption and create more efficient environments with a low power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Can you migrate our existing data to a new server room?

Yes. We have a team of server room migration specialists who have vast experience migrating data for some of the the UK's largest technology companies. Fill out this contact form to find out how we can help.

How do you prevent the server room from overheating?

We have different server room cooling systems that we can use to prevent your server room from overheating and causing system failures. Our server room air conditioning units (CRAC units) are installed from day one to ensure maximum efficiency and resilience.

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