Secure Room Construction

Secure Room Construction

We'll work with you every step of the way, from the initial design stage all the way to the completed construction of your secure room. Our specialist installers are fully trained and registered installers of Securiclad solutions, so you know you can trust your build to protect your assets.

All businesses have areas within their building that need to be kept secure. Whether its data centres, server rooms, or security posts, we offer a modular solution to protect your assets. 

Our Secure Room Construction Solutions

Our secure rooms can be built to any size, as a room within a room or to increase the security of an existing room. As they are both weather and water resistant, they can also be deployed outside as a guard hut or security booth at the gates of your site. Whether you are looking to reinforce an existing room, or construct an entirely new secure room construction build, our panels are diverse in their usage, allowing us to perfectly match your design requirements. 

The high security Securiclad panels we use also come in a huge range of finishes and colours, from leather grain texture to white food safe laminate, a hygienic solution perfect for laboratory spaces.  Your INFINITI project manager will keep you constantly informed and updated as to the progress, and ensure the whole secure room construction is conducted with minimal interruption to your businesses every day processes. 

Our Secure Room Construction SolutionsSecure Room Installation By Infiniti IT

Find out what makes our secure room construction services different to our competitors.

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Secure Room Construction

We also offer out of hours works, to schedule your secure room construction build around you. We use specialised secure panels that are both water and weatherproof in all of our secure spaces builds. The panels themselves have been tested against many of the most common tools and power tools, and are fully certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. 

The versatile modular design of these panels means they can be installed with much less interruption to your everyday services than a brick or plasterboard wall, the panels sliding into place along floor tracks, as opposed to installing metal stud walling. The security panels also come pre-finished, so need no plastering or painting. We can also incorporate toughened windows and service hatches to enable the construction of a secure guard post or service booth. A full list of the panels security rating can be found here.

Secure Room Construction Services Secure Room Construction By Infiniti IT
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