Data Centre Migration

Data Centre Migration

We are experienced data centre migration and relocation specialists who can offer your business a dedicated, fully managed service with an end-to-end physical relocation solution. We’ll also bridge the gap between technology based IT companies and non-technical office removal firms, providing you with a complete data centre migration and relocation solution.

If you're looking for a data centre migration service but not sure where to begin or who to trust, we offer services extending from a single server device migration to an entire data centre migration and relocation.

Data Centre Migration Services

Minimised risk to your mission critical equipment is of the utmost importance to us, so our experienced data centre migration engineers will un-plug, de-rack, pack, move, re-rack, re-cable and cable manage with safety and security. 

With our data centre migration and relocation service, we’ll provide you with a wide range of data centre migration and logistic services that are tailored to your specific and unique requirements. 

You will receive a dedicated, experienced data centre migration project manager as your point of contact throughout the entire transition, and our team of specialists will ensure your migration is both efficient & secure. Should you wish to accompany your servers during their data centre migration, this can also be arranged.
Data Centre Migration ServicesData Centre Migration Services By Infiniti IT

Find out what makes our data centre migration services different to our competitors.

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Data Centre Migration Security Procedures

The security of your hardware is paramount and we adopt the following security procedures for our data centre migration & relocation services;

  • Equipment is checked out, recorded, and checked back in at your destination
  • Hardware is transported in security tagged flight cases inside deadlocked vehicles
  • Equipment is never left unattended at any time
  • Vehicles are fitted with alarms and immobilisers 
  • Vehicles contain GPS tracking units that clients can access during transit
  • All equipment is fully insured throughout the entire process
  • All staff carry government issued photo ID
  • On request, clients can accompany the equipment for the entire data centre migration period
Data Centre Migration By Infiniti ITData Centre Migration Security Procedures
Our Data Centre Migration Services

Our Data Centre Migration & Relocation Solutions

Our data centre migration and relocation services ensures that your business's entire IT systems are completely operational at your new location with minimal disruption to everyday services.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from our data centre migration service:

  • Our team of specialist data centre migration and relocation project managers will provide you with an accurate planned programme for both logistics and migration
  • All your sensitive servers and network components are individually wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap, and placed carefully into custom built, data centre migration cases. These are foam lined, and ensure that all equipment arrives at its destination safely
  • In addition to individual devices, our data centre migration and relocation specialists can also migrate complete, fully populated server cabinets
  • A data centre migration and relocation service that is available 24/7/365 working to suit you
  • Professional consultancy throughout your project

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Ministry of Defence
North West Ambulance Service
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Liverpool University
What Is Data Centre Migration & Relocation?

What Is Data Centre Migration & Relocation?

Firstly, data centre migration and relocation is no small task. Unlike your standard corporate move, which would involve breaking down, transporting and reassembling equipment, data centres must focus on other factors such as ensuring the customer data is available and accessible whilst the transition is taking place. If your business has never gone through such a big move before, we highly recommend the help of a firm that specialises in this service to avoid downtime for your clients and problems for your business!

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