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Crypto Mining Farm Design & Build

Cryptocurrency Mining farm Design & Build Services

If you're looking for a competitive cryptocurrency mining farm design & build solution but not sure where to begin or who to trust, we offer services extending from a single cryptocurrency mining rig to a whole cryptocurrency mining rig farm.

Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Design & Build

We provide the ever-growing demand for more efficient, scalable and cost effective solutions for highly specialised cryptocurrency mining farms. 

Over the last several years, we have delivered complex, mission-critical data centre infrastructures across the UK and Europe. As an industry leader in the data centre sector and construction market, we will guide you through the entire cryptocurrency mining farm design and build process. Infiniti’s team of experts removes the stress from the cryptocurrency mining farm construction process, from the mechanical and electrical installations to a complete bespoke design that’s tailored to your demands and hardware. 

We assign every client a full-time cryptocurrency mining farm project manager and on-site supervisor as their point of contact. They’re available throughout the process to answer any questions, provide support, and ensure your crypto mining farm matches your demands. To do this we create a result-oriented plan that focuses on delivering the ideal installation for you; this is divided into four phases: planning, design, construction, and certification.

Not only do we provide full construction builds, we also offer containerised solutions for your cryptocurrency mining. Making large scale mining ultimately flexible, secure and hassle free. Our Cryptocurrency mining farm containers are fully enclosed and portable for those that want their own mining farm, but have no building or infrastructure to house it. 

Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Design & BuildCryptocurrency Mining Farm Design & Build

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Don't know which cryptocurrency mining farm solution is right for you? why not take a moment to write us a quick email for a free consultation from our cryptocurrency facility experts or call us on 01993 774444

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Data centre monitoring gives IT managers valuable insights into the health and performance of your data centre. 24/7 monitoring allows IT staff to have visibility on a data centre’s status by tracking metrics and providing real time alerts if a reading is too high or too low. There is also technology available that checks the environment of the data centre, known as environmental monitoring systems (EMS).

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Need something slightly different to our cryptocurrency mining farm design and build solutions? 

We can tailor a bespoke cryptocurrency mining farm design and build solution for you.

Call 01993 774444 to speak with our cryptocurrency mining farm consultants and arrange a no obligation free quote.

Crypto Farm Design

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