More and more people are realising more than ever the huge benefits of having intelligent, connected and data driven business strategies. No matter what business you are in, it’s clear that big data, IoT, automation and machine learning are completely changing the way we work and perceive – artificial intelligence is the next stage of this trend. So, will we need workers now in the data centre? Is AI our new employees?

Data Centres have been growing rapidly and this phenomenon is expected to double with the evolution of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). IoT is the connection of personal devices, vehicles and other electronic items that possess software, sensors and connectivity which involves the exchange of data. ‘As the number of IoT devices increase opportunities are created for more direct integration of computer-based systems. This in return, improves efficiency, benefits the economy and reduce human interaction -  to find out how this benefits you visit our Energy Efficiency Audit page. 

Data Centres and their systems are constantly evolving, the ‘Cisco M5 Unified Computing System for example highlights the fact that most workers cannot deal with the evolving complexity of the modern data centre. Going further, the M5 Unified Computing System allows data centre mangers to define usage policies and then allows the software to automatically move around resources to put the data centre in the most optimal state. 

“data centres have become so complex that you need to have software in control and automatically — autonomically, as it’s called – making changes in real time.”

Joann Starke (Senior Manager of Cisco’s Hybrid Cloud and Machine Learning Department)

The Vice President of Gartner, George Weiss, has claimed that the industry leaders should be more ambitious and look towards innovated prospects for their data centres and with that recognise the challenges that come with complex data systems. He went on to say the industry leaders need to adopt the principles of self-organising and AI systems within the data centre to meet the demands.

“The goal should be to architect platforms and services that monitor and analyse system behaviours, resulting in continually optimised outcomes to predefined goals and service levels.”

A point to draw from all this is that systems such as the M5 have the potential to deliver purposeful actions that reach targets set by the business – ‘Say what you want, let the machine do the work and reap the benefits’. Continued research from the American based research company Accenture shows that AI could potentially boost probability rates by an average of 38% across all industries and give an economic boost of $14 trillion by 2035, Getting AI in your data centre seems like the smart way forward.

There are always concerns of job loss in any discussion about AI, but the same fears of job loss always arise whenever new innovative technology appears. But with new hardware and software always comes new job creation, until eventually, the technology becomes the new normal.

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