Why Your Business Should Consider Investing In A Data Centre

The business world has come to a point where maintaining server rooms in-house is just not enough. You need a tailored data centre. However, before building and installing one there are factors to consider. Infiniti are here to help and guide you through this important decision for your business.

So, what is an in-house data centre?

Well, in-house data centres are specialist hardware that stores data within the organisations local network, this is usually run by an In-House IT Department or external specialists like us! You may of heard of ‘Cloud Services’ which is another way of storing Data but these are subcontracted to third party cloud providers and not always secure. Data centres act as a central location, where both the computing and networking equipment is concentrated for collecting, saving, processing and distributing large amounts of data. Most modern business are always looking for a storage solution that is both manageable and can grow when the business develops.

So, what are the advantages?

In-House data centres provide businesses big and small with a variety of advantages. Firstly, organisations that choose to use in-house data storage aren’t as dependent on the upholding of an internet connection, as their data storage will still be accessible so long as the network continues to be stable. With remote storage it allows data to remain unharmed if for some reason the organisations location is compromised whether its fire, break-in, flooding or other negative factors. Notably, an in-house data centre is physically connected to a local network, this makes it far easier to verify for those with company-approved authorisation who then can gain access to whatever data is stored. 

These are just a few of the many benefits of having an in-house data centre. However, having most of your data stored in one location does make it easier for other to access it, both virtually and physically – this could be unwanted personnel.

Investing in the latest security technologies such as an Bio-metric Reader also help solve the problem of unwanted personnel. 
Also, whatever is your business’s budget, it may prove costly to both purchase, install and maintain. Another thing to note is that an In-House data centre is limited to size. Once the data centre is built. Its storage capacity cannot be altered without the purchase and installation of more equipment. This can be solved by buying a slightly larger than needed centre, so expansion is more accessible. At Infiniti we can help you plan and measure whats the perfect size data centre for your business by filling in a free quote

Some business requires a customised dedicated system, this makes the idea of having an in-house data centre even more appealing. Also, companies are able to realise that there is no need to share space with another organisation. In some cases, organisations have developed a way in which to enhance their business by making use of both in-house data centres as well as a cloud computing system. A reason behind this may be the moving and storing of certain levels of important and private data. Something to always consider is that wherever you store your data being the Cloud or an in-house data centre, ultimately, it is your data and you are therefore responsible for it. Every working year, the staggering amount of data that needs to be handled professionally and efficiently increases. In-house data archiving can help increasing IT budgets whilst also enhancing administrative work demands.

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