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What is Data Centre Design And Why Do We Need It?

Why do we need data centres and how do we go about designing them? The mass increase of data usages means that the design of data centres is in high demand. Over time new data centres will be created and is on a rise with the volume of data increasing with the ever-growing population. Data centre design is an long process with multiple experts needed to assist in creating the perfect environment, here at INFINITI we can provide you with expert advise on data centre design ideas.

To show the significance for the demand of data centres, small businesses currently account for 99.6% of all private sector bodies with three quarters of business owners relying on web applications. As a result, the 21st century has seen the launch of some what would have been unthinkable business plans. Therefore, data centre design is a must and below we run through the equipment needed to set up a data centre design projects.

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Liverpool Data Centre Rack

Data centre solutions are key when creating your data centre design. Installing the right electrical design ensures continuity without compromise to both power and cooling systems within the data centre computer or server room environment. When installing equipment in a data centres there are tight parameters that need to be met to ensure perfect data centre design. Here is a list of equipment that will comprise of the data centre infrastructure, furthermore, keeping it at the optimum temperature, safe and in perfect working order until the refurbish.

·         Data Cabinets

·         Fire Suppression Systems

·         PDU’s

·         UPS’s

·         Cooling systems (Air Conditioning units)

·         Monitoring Systems

·         Adequate cable management

All of INFINITI’s data centre design clients are assigned a full- time project manager and site supervisor giving access to a single point of contact for the duration of the process, to make sure we give full support and answer any questions in regards to your data centre design enquiries. INFINITI data centre design projects work on a four major phases – Planning, Design, Construction and Certification. We perform full technical design specifications, project management, supervision and fully managed maintenance packages. Every data centre design project with INFINITI comes with a thorough understanding of our client's business to understand the demand and ROI.

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Data Centre Design

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