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the Benefits of Refurbishing your Data Centre

With the advancements and growth of data centres all around the world, there comes a point where your equipment, systems and infrastructure needs refurbishing, below is a guide on what’s the best solutions and methods on data centre refurbishment.

At some point, the infrastructure that supports your mission critical IT systems will either be nearing the end of its life or be outstripped by more efficient systems and technologies. We can estimate the status of your data centre refurbishment using Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) which predicts elapsed time between inherent failures of a mechanical or electronic system, during normal system operation. This gives a rough timeline on when to action the refresh of the infrastructure and equipment whilst advising on solutions to help reduce your energy consumption. Expanding on the energy saving techniques, the refurbishment of data centres help lower energy consumption, enhancing cooling technologies and utilising UPS’s.

Data centre refurbishment projects present many unique challenges, such as keeping your equipment live and operational during the project, this is extremely important when you have masses of data and cannot afford downtime in the IT industry. Further challenges that occur during this process include physical constraints such as placement of existing equipment, as well as space to work in and access. At INFINITI we understand this process can be stressful and time consuming, that's why we provide an evaluated plan of action to guide you through the steps. 

In regard to fire suppression systems, the regulations are they have to be renewed after 10 years, this is subject to FSA standard testing and is a must for refurbishing any data centre environment. Here at INFINITI we provide the highest quality data centre refurbishment solutions.

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Due to the sensitive nature of server environments, any data centre refurbishment work needs careful and expert planning, so business services are always maintained. This often involves working in a live environment, leaving the server and network hardware, together with ancillary systems, operational at all times.

Our approach to data centre refurbishment projects covers the following strategy and services:

·         Feasibility study and design workshop to highlight drivers and constraints

·         Full designs, construction drawings and programme for approval

·         Evaluation and design analysis, budget costing and ROI models

·         First stage layout designs and specifications for planning applications

·         Health and safety site files, notification of F10 and CDM co-ordination

·         Fully supervised co-ordination of contractors

·         A designated data centre refurbishment project manager as your single point of contact

·         Fully integrated and witness testing schedule with load banks

·         Handover training, operation manuals and on-going support

Contact INFINITI today for a quote on data centre refurbishment, we have expert knowledge in the sector and provide fast effective results, decreasing your downtime and enabling safer and greener solutions.

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