Data Centres go vertical

The Sky's the Limit!
Data Centre Construction
Goes Vertical.

In recent years urbanisation has played a massive impact on our world especially in the growth of our cities, a huge increase of housing is under construction and is predicted to keep on rising. In 2018 55% of the world’s population lived in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. But how does this relate to data centre construction and our sector? 

With population increasing and the call for housing in high demand the best solution would be to build up with multi storey buildings popping up very frequent. But how can we model our data centre construction solutions on this? 

When thinking about conditions for your new data centre construction location is key. But why build in a city? In the past many companies built their data centres in rural locations due to the fast communication network, therefore, taking out the stress and expense of data centre construction in the city. However even rural network hubs are starting to get overcrowded and don’t have the bandwidth and technical resources that cities can provide. To reduce latency issues the micro data centre was created, placing your micro data centre closer to the point of utilisation is known as edge computing. Distributing a micro data centre closer to the points of use reduces both latency and costs. These facilities also provide physical infrastructure benefits that apply to any small facility regardless of the latency requirement. There’s a substantial history of multi-story data centres in locations like London, New York and Paris and on a small urban island like Singapore, there will soon literally be no option but to build upwards with finite construction space. 

Sky's The Limit

On the other hand, we do have to think about the restraints and obstacles multi storey data centre construction may spring up. For example, data centre construction facilities always rely on heavy duty electrical and air-conditioning equipment; lifting that up to a higher floor is an effort to be avoided, if possible. Similarly, it is easier to lay on supplies of water, diesel fuel and electricity at ground level. Furthermore, when analysing conditions for data centre construction in a high rise, many factors must be considered, such as the doors, corridors and lifts must be specified to handle heavy equipment. Power and air-conditioning must be available on all floors housing data unit and server racks. It’s also important to make sure to monitor where any output heat or exhaust goes. It’s not good if the hot air rises, and comes back in the floor above, warming the cold aisle. Despite the growing list of obstacles all these can be resolved with careful planning and precise data centre solutions to adapt to your specific location.

Overall, we can predict that in the coming years multiple data centre construction projects will be erected in urban areas and the high rise data centres will be in abundance. 

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