From business resource to business backbone

YOUR Data Centre IS YOUR Business Backbone!

A businesses’ data centre is always the core backbone of operations. The investment in maintenance and monitoring is essential for an efficient and successful business. For those that manage their own in-house data centre, it’s very likely they will have a dedicated data or server room within the office space or building.

The 90s was saw a giant leap and evolution of new technologies. For any business owner it was time to learn about how IT could enhance the way they operate their company. The 21st century, however, is showing another trend and change. Today, IT technologies is not only used to make business more efficient and user friendly but is the sole reason most companies come to exist. From social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to online banking services and apps. The accessibility of data and online services has revolutionised the definition of “business”.

The retail industry for example is a great case of how data can develop a sector, over 25,000 town centre stores have closed in the last 14 years. All the while, online retail is set to account for 21.5% of total retail sales by 2018, the highest online retail share in the world.

To show how many new businesses have IT at the core of its existence, small businesses currently account for 99.6% of all private sector bodies with three quarters of businesses owners relying on web applications. As a result, the 21st century has seen the launch of some what would have been unthinkable business plans.

When big data means big business, businesses need to look towards outsourcing their data centre to ensure information is stored in a high security, monitored environment and to minimise the risk of downtime. The move to the cloud for some companies, both commercial and public sectors is an important one for development. But of course, the bottom line here is that all cloud data is stored somewhere in a data centre.

Business Data Centre

All servers within the data centre needs to be maintained and protected to minimise downtime. To see how you could reduce the risks of downtime read our blog ‘What Are the Common Causes of Data Centre Failure? How Do We Minimise It?

Outsourcing your data centre could be a substantial step to safeguarding your business from a failure. Of course, issues of trust to come into play here. You must have absolute confidence that your data centre provider can offer you a tight security with highly trained professionals.

Another solution is investing in a In-house data centre. We have posted a blog on why this is a great solution to your business! ‘Why Your Business Should Consider Investing in A Data Centre

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