what are micro data centres and what are the benefits



NWAS released a tender in early 2018 and many companies and specialists applied to carry out the large amount of work tendered. Not only did NWAS require specialist consultancy but a company with great experience in designing, building and maintaining data centres. Who could also overcome a weight distribution problem as the Data Centre was to be located on the first floor. So, the INFINITI team not only had to overcome this challenge but also ensure that the Data Centre had a 2nd back up power supply in case the power in the area goes out. The NWAS required a company that could not only work under strict authorisation and privacy but delivered a team they could trust to get on with the work required and who would tick all the compliance boxes within the given time and budget.


Shortly after the careful and thorough selection process to carry out the work, INFINITI who was selected went straight to work on the design of this new project. The work included; 

  • Design Build and expansion of a new data centre in new office space 
  • Installation of composite panelling system for 1- hour fire rated room with high security panelling 
  • Provision of 100kVA UPS system configured as N+1, bypass panel and electrical systems, design and build of electric systems 
  • Heavy duty raised flooring and heavy duty anti-static vinyl flooring 
  • Environmental Monitoring System and installation of cooling systems
  • Specialist guidance throughout the process 
  • Installation of 2 UPS
  • Installation of fire suppression systems

what are micro data centres and what are the benefits
what are micro data centres and what are the benefits


INFINITI not only completed the desired work within the budget and time given but, overcame the weight issue as we wanted to locate our Data Centre on the first floor. Top professional work!” 

NHS Overseeing Project Manager 

Designing and expanding a high-density data centre within the NHS sector in record time posed a unique set of obstacles and challenges. This data centre construction project is a testament of what can be achieved when both client and contractor work together in tandem.” 

Peter Sands, Managing Director, INFINITI 

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