Important Factors to look for when choosing UPS

Important Factors to Look for when Choosing your UPS Back Up

Back-Ups is a type of UPS that offers battery backup and guaranteed power in case of an emergency. The device can control any surges that occur in the electrical system – this system could include various components such as air conditioners, computers and electronic devices. The electrical surges / fluctuations are primary reasons to why electrical devices breakdown and cause downtime.

At Infiniti we offer a range of UPS we are confident in installing which will include the following safety features that will help ensure a safe and efficient data centre environment;

Reliable Batteries

  • Automated Self Testing – The battery runs an automatic self-test to detect faults in the device. We also monitor the UPS from our head office to ensure we act before a fault develops.
  • Battery’s Failure Notifications - The UPS generates a warning notification via our EMS alerts. This works along our maintenance services.
  • Intelligent Battery Management – The modern-day UPS can maximise its performance and reliability through precision charging.

Reliable Batteries
Back up UPS systems


  • Battery & surge protected outlets: Back-UPS has a secure battery backup and protection setup that protects the hardware devices and critical data during dirty power or power outages, surges or spikes.
  • Limited Surge Outlets: The surge protects secondary electronic devices from power surges without reducing the power supply to the battery to run primary electronics during an outage.

Easy to Maintain and Operate:

  • LED status display: The display of UPS battery backup is easy to understand and read. The power status is specified with visual indicators that are easy to interpret.
  • Alarms: It has audible alarms that provide notify the household of the fluctuating utility power and UPS power conditions.

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