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Why Water Leak Detection In a Data Centre Is So Important - Vimpex Hydrosense

Water leaks in a data centre can cause severe damage and lead to long-term problems for your organisation. If water leaks across mission-critical operating systems, this can lead to unplanned downtime and large repair costs. The biggest danger water leaks pose is electrical fires which puts staff at risk and could damage large areas of your property & hardware.

These risks are why data centre water leak detection systems are essential to install. They notify staff of any incident before it has a chance to escalate, which reduces the risk of water leaks harming your day to day operations. Water leak detection systems are especially important as water leaks can go unnoticed for long periods of time whilst causing serious damage to your data centre’s infrastructure.

Why Water Leak Detection In A Data Centre Is So Important - Vimpex Hydrosense

With all data centre protection features, they must allow staff to be proactive. Having a system that quickly notifies staff of any water leaks or ingress is essential to prevent damage. Vimpex Hydrosense provides innovative water ingress detection units that deliver a new standard within the industry. 

Hydrosense detection systems monitor the data centre continuously so any leaks are identified quickly. When water ingress is undetected and allowed to cause damage to operating systems, this is when long-term issues arise. Electrical fires, system failures, and flooding are all preventable if water leaks are identified early. Installing Hydrosense water detection systems ensures sustainability in your business and protects valuable assets from water damage.

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How Do Water Leak Detection Systems Work?

Data centre water detection systems work using a special type of cable known as a hydrowire that sends an alert to the control panel if water comes in contact. Across the data centre are multiple cables installed to cover all areas of the room. Each hydrowire is designated a zone which makes identifying the location of the water leak straight forward for staff, as this information is included in the alert sent to the panel.

How Hydrosense Water Leak Detection Systems Work

The Vimpex Hydrosense water detection system is unique and innovative in data centre installation. What makes the system stand out is it’s fully configurable to match your business’s operations and data centre’s requirements. Unlike the other detection systems available, the Hydrosense is customisable which means staff can connect them to building management systems and other support infrastructure.

Ensure business continuity across all organisations requires a bespoke approach. The Hydrosense can be adapted to best suit your company allowing it to monitor and notify staff on water leaks with maximum efficiency and detail.

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How Water Leak Detection System Installation Works

The Process

Water leak detection system installation begins with the design of the room and knowledge of assets needing protection. From there, we will replace old systems and install using Vimpex Hydrosense Hydrowire water leak cable. After the installation of the Hydrowire, the engineers will connect the cable to the control panel. This is repeated across the data centre to create the requested number of zones.


The biggest challenge when installing the Vimpex system is to avoid disrupting the organisation’s day-to-day services. To complete the installation without affecting operations requires experienced and expert engineers. Another challenge is providing coverage across all mission-critical environments.


To ensure a hassle-free installation, seek out a company with experienced and expert data centre monitoring engineers. That can plan and complete the process to avoid any disruptions to your organisation. As the Hydrosense system is fully configurable this makes monitoring all necessary areas simple to implement as it can be adapted to your business demands.

Infiniti IT Data Centre Water Leak Detection Systems

At Infiniti IT, our data centre engineers carry out all Hydrosense installations with minimal disruption and to a designated time frame. With our team’s help, your organisation can avoid water damage occurring to mission-critical infrastructure, prevent electrical fires, and escape costly repairs.

Protect your organisation’s data centre, discover more about the Vimpex water leak detection systems we provide by getting in touch with Infinti IT.

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