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How To effectively Set up a server room?

A server room is an essential aspect of any business as it allows data storage servers and computer networking devices to operate. To set up a server room, the installation needs to comply with the safety protocols of your organisation and support your IT infrastructure.

Utilising specific design features ensures mission-critical computer systems can operate securely and safely. Fire suppression systems, environmental controls, and cooling systems all contribute to the smooth running of a server room. If you’re not sure what features your server room needs, a professional can advise you on the systems required.

IT support, both in-house and outsourced IT companies, spend much of their time and resources troubleshooting computer system issues in a server room. While regular maintenance will help prevent issues and allow engineers to fix problems before they escalate. Installing an effective design will prevent many IT issues from occurring.

How To Set Up a Sever Room

There is no such thing as the same server room installation. With each construction project, there will be different requirements, objectives, and challenges. The best approach to the design and installation of your organisation’s server room will be bespoke to your company. However, there are common factors across all projects which ensure a server room is not only fit for purpose but optimised to a business’s requirements.

The Perfect Server Room Setup

Airflow Plan

Server rooms generate a lot of heat due to the amount of computer equipment they store. Without cooling systems and an effective airflow plan, this can cause systems to overheat, which could lead to damaged cooling equipment, servers and lost data. Airflow planning ensures systems are not overcrowded and have sufficient space to operate without overheating. The right well-designed server rack and air conditioners contribute to an effective airflow plan.


To understand the efficiency of your organisation’s server room, you must have systems that allow your staff to monitor its performance. Whether this is the temperature of the room, how much data is stored, or the humidity inside the room, understanding how your server room equipment is operating is essential. Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) should operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Monitoring EMS values ensures staff can spot potential issues faster and establish that all systems are working to maximum capacity.
Fire Suppression

Cable Management 

Equipment in a server room needs cables to connect it to power sources and relevant computer systems. When installing a server room, expert attention to how these cables are stored and managed is crucial. Cables need to be protected from becoming damaged, stored away from where people walk so they don’t become a safety hazard, and installed in the correct way to ensure they’re energy-efficient.

Energy Efficiency 

Energy management is essential for any organisation with a server room. An energy-efficient server room is cost-effective and reduces the energy consumption of all the equipment that stores data. However, it’s not only the computer networking systems that should be energy efficient. Cooling, fire suppression, and uninterruptible power supply systems need to use less power while still being optimised to fulfil their requirements.

Fire Suppression System 

Fire suppression systems release a concentration of gas to extinguish electrical fires. Removing the oxygen inside the room will extinguish the fire and reduce the risks associated with a server room fire. A fire could lead to data losses, damage to IT systems, and potentially injury to staff. Combustible materials such as electrical wiring, cables, and UPS systems can cause extreme damage if they come into contact with fire. This is why an effective fire suppression system is an essential aspect of a server room.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A server room needs to function effectively 24/7 to keep your organisation’s data stored securely. To ensure this is possible, your server room should have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system to avoid power outages.

This is a backup power supply that activates in the event of a power failure. Without a UPS, the servers and network are at risk of data corruption and damage to the equipment. This system will feed into the power distribution unit (PDU) and act as a temporary solution while your engineers fix the wider issue.

Regular Server Room Maintenance 

Once a server room has been installed, it must be regularly maintained. Server room maintenance ensures every aspect of the room is operating to maximum efficiency. This can be achieved successfully using preventative maintenance, which finds small issues before they escalate into large-scale costly problems.

Infiniti IT Server Room Installation 

At Infiniti IT, we’re experts at server room installation and strive to deliver excellent customer service that focuses on the details of your project. Our team has over 25 years of experience installing server rooms for a range of organisations, which is why we install designs bespoke to your company’s requirements.

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