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How Does Data Centre Monitoring Work?

Data centre monitoring gives IT managers valuable insights into the health and performance of your data centre. 24/7 monitoring allows IT staff to have visibility on a data centre’s status by tracking metrics and providing real time alerts if a reading is too high or too low. There is also technology available that checks the environment of the data centre, known as environmental monitoring systems (EMS).

EMSs deliver updates on fire suppression, water leaks, humidity, temperature, dew point, and cooling systems. To understand the status of mission-critical systems within a data centre, 24/7 performance monitoring and proactive data centre maintenance are essential.

Why You Need Data Centre Monitoring

For IT managers responsible for a data centre running smoothly, implementing monitoring reduces the risk of problems escalating. Monitoring the power consumption is mandatory for server room and data centre environments. Wireless-based metering technology reduces installation fees while allowing IT managers to monitor power usage.

Monitoring systems allow you to receive daily updates on the status of your data centre. Working with the right company ensures an expert team is available to analyse data and search for trends. If they spot a pattern, they can advise on the best course of action in the event of an issue arising.

After measurements are made by an expert they will set thresholds on values such as temperature and humidity. When these thresholds are triggered the team is notified immediately via either SMS or email. Once alerted, the team has time to assess the data and determine if action needs to be taken. Instead of waiting for a problem to escalate, monitoring and management ensures data centre maintenance can take place to prevent downtime and other issues.

Monitoring Data Centre

Reduce Risk

Data centre monitoring alerts IT staff to any change in the environment within the room. Catching risks before they have the chance to escalate prevents problems from causing downtime, data losses, and potentially serious damage to the data centre.

Increase Uptime

Proactive 24/7 monitoring alerts IT staff to a change in the threshold of the metrics around the data centre. This can include changes in environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Identifying potential problems early allows you to address them before they lead to unplanned downtime and high costs.

Improve Visibility

Real-time data gives IT managers clearer visibility of the usage within a data centre. Having the latest information available allows you to plan effectively and utilise your existing resources.

Boost Productivity

Monitoring systems allow IT managers to conduct planned preventative maintenance effectively. Staff can manage the software and hardware to make analysis-based changes that improve productivity within an organisation.

What Data Centre Monitoring Systems Track

  • Humidity levels, as well as high and low trips

  • Temperature levels, as well as high and low trips

  • Leak detection trips & leak detection hardware faults

  • Fire alarms & fire alarm faults.

  • UPS status & UPS faults

  • Cooling units status & faults

  • Generator status, low fuel & generator faults

Infiniti IT Data Centre Monitoring

At Infiniti IT, our data centre monitoring services are tailored towards every client to deliver a bespoke solution based on their requirements. We work to provide fast customer alerts that highlight any faults, our expert team receives daily updates 24/7. This means we can implement planned preventative maintenance before an issue escalates.

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A successful company needs to set high standards for data centres. They should expect energy efficiency, security, and accessibility. The right high-quality data centre installation and data centre maintenance is essential for the best chance of success. To install a data centre designed to help your organisation thrive, fill in an enquiry form and contact Infiniti IT today.

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