Poland Data Centre
Google's Mass Build of Cloud Data Centres Hit Poland       

In recent years Poland has been seeing “rapid growth” and is rising to become “an international software engineering hub” as explained by Thomas Kurian Google Cloud CEO. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to start construction of a new data centre, enhancing the range to serve Central and Eastern Europe. 

The estimated cost of the build will be 3 billion euros, this is in conjunction with more developments from Google, where they will be also spending 600 million euros on expansion of data centres in Hamina, Finland and 1 billion on data centre construction in the Netherlands.

With a huge growth in many eastern European cities such as Moscow and Budapest, the top market generation project areas such as Silicon Valley, London and Frankfurt are already well saturated with cloud infrastructure. Google isn’t the only multinational corporation that is expanding its horizons to Europe, with Amazon and Microsoft also making the move to support its continuous growth of customers.

The project will be led by local Domestic Cloud Provider DCP, further helped by a joint venture from PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund. DCP plans to develop services capabilities offering to build hybrid solutions that include both Google’s and its own infrastructure. Furthermore, DCP and Google have agreed a five-year partnership deal where it will contain training from Google experts who can develop Polish businesses on the Cloud. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud currently operates 20 different regions with 61 availability zones. The data centre in Poland will be in Warsaw the countries capital. This new build will follow Google’s template and feature three availability zones and launch with all standard Google cloud services. In an interview with CNBC Thursday, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said Europe is a “big area of focus” for the business. “We’re actually growing faster in terms of people, customers, revenue here than in any other part of the world,” “People here in Europe are really beginning to adopt cloud,” he said. “At some point there was reluctance to adopt cloud. I think now they see the value that cloud can deliver.”

Google has always been at the forefront of advancement in tech even regarding data centre management. Their data centre facilities in Finland uses an advanced cooling system which uses seawater from Bay of Finland to reduce energy use. We are assured that the new build in Warsaw, Poland will be at the highest end of the tech scale providing Europe the much-needed Google Cloud data it demands. 

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