data centre design & Construction Project
Week 6

Finishing the Data Centre Build

INFINITI IT LIMITED a data centre consultancy and construction specialist has been awarded a "Fast Track" data centre design & build contract for a large global finance company with UK headquarters located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be providing you with a detailed insight that covers the implementation of a Micro data centre facility. This Blog will cover all installation works right through to final commissioning, witness testing, project completion and handover to our client all within an aggressive 6 week programme.

The design ethos of the data centre facility is scalable and offers our client a complete flexibility with future expansion and will accommodate 100% growth if required, but still ensuring losses are kept to a minimum and that the data centre is as efficient as possible even at lower initial day loads.

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Performance Specification Overview

  • Modular Data Centre Construction with 1 hour fire rated composite panels
  • Heavy duty raised access flooring system
  • Modular 80kW N+1 APC Symmetra UPS with approx. 9 minutes autonomy
  • 70kW N+1 efficient Direct Expansion CRAC units fitted with EC fans
  • N Generator & Changeover Panel
  • High Density 7kW per cabinet with intelligent switched monitored PDU's
  • Hot aisle containment
  • IG55 Fire Suppression system
  • CCTV & Access control
  • CAT6 & OM3 data connectivity and cabinet patch links

Our sixth and final blog page from the series that covers the initial design, build and construction phase is now upon us. I must say a big thank you to everybody who has expressed an interest in the project, and so I thought I would take this opportunity to answer a very popular question that keeps coming up in conversation. This is

"What is the shortest time possible you could construct a data centre facility?"

The answer very much depends on the overall size or footprint of the data centre, along with the complexity of the mechanical and electrical systems specified and deployed to support the IT load within the facility. Other factors which determine the overall duration of the data centre design, build & construction project, are planning consent, client approval time frames for the design details & construction drawings and the long lead procurement lead times of larger plant items such as CRAC units (computer room air-condition) UPS systems and back-up generators, as these items are generally made to order by manufacturers.

UPS systems and most CRAC units can be manufactured and installed onsite within 5 - 6 weeks. However, generators will have a slightly longer lead-time at around 7 - 8 weeks.

So to summarise, it is possible to construct a fully operational data centre without a generator within 5 - 6 weeks and with a backup generator around 7 - 8 weeks. However, these are still very ambitious timescales and fast track data centre design and build projects of this nature are still subject to satisfactory planning consent and client approval within this time frame.  

This week the main focus was on completing the CAT6 data cabling, OM3 fibre links, fluke testing, installation of the patch frames to support all telco systems and network switches, installation of the modular APC UPS system, Access control & CCTV, EMS (environmental monitoring system), intelligent switched managed cabinet PDU's and finally the sliding doors for the cabinet hot aisle containment system.

Data Centre Data Cable Installation

The above image also shows the CAT6 voice and data cabling that serves all the desktops on the office floors being installed along with the managed POE network switches within the open patch frames situated within the data centre white space.

Data Centre Patch Cabling Installation

Installation of CAT6 patch cabling neatly patched in to the corresponding voice and data switches. The benefits of the open patch frames are the ability to install high density patch panelling and comms equipment within a single cabinet and still maintain the recommended bend radius for the CAT6 patch leads.

Finished Data Centre Patch Frame

The completed installation of the open patch frames, office voice and data network cabling, switches, patching and labelling.

Data Centre Comms Cabinet

Above image showing the installation of the CAT 6 cabinet patch links presented at the rear within comms cabinet A. 

Data Centre Fibre Cabinet Patch Links

Above image showing the installation of the fibre LC - LC cabinet patch links presented at the rear within comms cabinet A.

Data Centre UPS Systems

Installation and commissioning of the APC modular UPS systems and associated battery strings. The modular UPS system is ideal for scalable data centre design as they ensure system losses are kept to an absolute minimum with power modules being installed to match the expanding IT load whilst still maintaining N+1 redundancy. The UPS is also scalable up to 80kW N+1 ensuring sufficient headroom for future growth and expansion.  

Data Centre Fire and Security Systems

Above image showing the installation of the I.P. addressable access control system and one of the 16# I.P. based POE CCTV cameras that are installed throughout the data centre internal and externally, plant area and other communal areas of the building. to ensure the clients requirements for PCI-DSS compliance are met in full the CCTV systems has day night capabilities, video motion detection and alerting ensuring an very secure facility.

Data Centre EMS Environmental Monitoring Systems

Installation of the EMS (environmental monitoring system) and cabling, the EMS provides alerts to the data centre operations team should the normal operating condition or status change of any mechanical or electrical plant systems the support the data centre facility. The system also constantly monitors the temperature and humidity of the plant spaces and data centres ensuring the environmental conditions stay within allowable limits.

Data Centre PDU Installation

Installation of the fully managed intelligent cabinet PDU's (power distribution units) Two PDU's per cabinet each monitor power consumption and power cycling to receptacle level. Each unit is fed from different electrical supplies for resilience and provide 6# IEC C19's & 12# C13's. The additional C19's on the PDU's are required to support multiple Blade systems within each cabinet.

Data Centre Down Flow Cooling Units

Return air plenum boxes are fitted to the CRAC units and the suspended ceiling is fitted neatly up to the edges of the plenums.

Finished Data Centre Build

Installation of the hot aisle containment systems sliding doors to encapsulate the hot aisle. The data centre environment is now ready for the deployment of server & network hardware, leaving only minor snagging, testing and optimising of cooling systems. 

The backup generator will be installed and commissioned within the next 2 - 3 weeks.

If you're planning a data centre construction project, contact us on 01993 774444 or email and see how we can help.