data centre design & Construction Project
Week 5

Installing Electrical & Fire Suppression Systems

INFINITI IT LIMITED a data centre consultancy and construction specialist has been awarded a "Fast Track" data centre design & build contract for a large global finance company with UK headquarters located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Over the next 6 weeks we will be providing you with a detailed insight that covers the implementation of a Micro data centre facility. This Blog will cover all installation works right through to final commissioning, witness testing, project completion and handover to our client all within an aggressive 6 week programme.

The design ethos of the data centre facility is scalable and offers our client a complete flexibility with future expansion and will accommodate 100% growth if required, but still ensuring losses are kept to a minimum and that the data centre is as efficient as possible even at lower initial day loads.

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Performance Specification Overview

  • Modular Data Centre Construction with 1 hour fire rated composite panels
  • Heavy duty raised access flooring system
  • Modular 80kW N+1 APC Symmetra UPS with approx. 9 minutes autonomy
  • 70kW N+1 efficient Direct Expansion CRAC units fitted with EC fans
  • N Generator & Changeover Panel
  • High Density 7kW per cabinet with intelligent switched monitored PDU's
  • Hot aisle containment
  • IG55 Fire Suppression system
  • CCTV & Access control
  • CAT6 & OM3 data connectivity and cabinet patch links

This week the main focus was on completing the electrical installation second fix, installation of the IG55 fire suppression agent with VESDA systems, delivery & positioning of the CRAC units, fitting of the high security steel doors to fit within the composite panel design and finally the installation of the network patch frames and server cabinets along with hot aisle containment system.

Data Centre Installation of MPDU

The above image also shows the data centre MPDU (main power distribution unit) which situated within the plant area that is segregated from the white space. The MPDU is the main source of power to the data centre and feeds the sub LV panel (situated top right) and the bespoke UPS bypass panel (bottom right). 

Data Centre Installation Critical PDU

Above image shows a critical PDU that provides A & B 32amp feeds to the server and network cabinets. The CPDU (critical power distribution units) are fed from the UPS output via the bypass arrangement. 

Data Centre Fire Suppression Systems Installation

Installation of the fire suppression system IG55 agent cylinders. We have opted for this particular agent due to it being more environmentally friendly than FM200. As space is a premium within the plant area, it was decided to install the cylinders as a bank of four.

Data Centre Vesda Aspirations

Above image showing two VESDA aspiration systems and pipework. This particular design is favoured over more traditional and conventional systems that would usually incorporate photo optical smoke heads split over a minimum of two zones that would cover the critical areas, as the air velocity within the cold air floor plenum and hot air ceiling voids can be so great that the detection time can be much longer as compared to an air sampling or aspiration system.

The VESDA units cover one zone each with one system being more sensitive to the other and both panels are connected to the gas panel which is situated on the external wall covering the entrance to the data centre.

Data Centre CRAC Units

Above image showing the installation of the down flow CRAC units that will provide cooling to the data centre’s critical IT services via the raised floor plenum. Each unit is capable of providing 35kW of net sensible cooling at 28 degrees return air. The CRAC units are installed in an N+1 configuration with space for an additional third 35kW unit in the future to cater for the clients future growth and expansion

Data Centre Cabinets

Installation of the server and network cabinets along with the hot aisle containment system. The data centre currently supports 6# 600mm x 1000mm x 45U server cabinets and 2# 800mm x 1000mm x 45U network cabinets along with space to install and additional 2# 600mm x 1000mm x 45U server cabinets again to accommodate the clients requirements for future growth and expansion but still ensuring the initial build cost and capital outlay is kept to an absolute minimum.

Data Centre Secure Composite Walls and Security Doors

Above image showing the installation of the security rated doors for both the plant area and data centre white space, along with the fire suppression gas panel.

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