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CTC have been providing both software and services for over 20 years to the financial market. Whether its software solutions for pensions, savings, investments and insurance markets. They are very well regarded in the financial software industry and leading pioneers in the software aspect of finance management. CTC drew up a tender in the early summer of 2016 and several companies applied to carry out the work tendered. They were looking for both consultancy and a company with great experience in all aspects of data centre design; Design, Build and Installation– they needed a customised data centre built from scratch.

Their new location in Croydon was a complete blank canvas so we had to plan and optimise the space we were given. Using blueprint software, we were able to design the best and efficient solution for CTC. The distance between their old office space and their new one was of distance, so they didn’t have either the workers or hours to focus directly on the project. They, therefore needed a company that can be trusted to get on with the new build and a team that was guaranteed to tick all the compliance boxes within the given time. At INFINITI we always ensure to calculate accurately budgets and time constraints to make sure we complete the project on time and efficiently.

The project required a lot of work done as it was built from scratch. All work that was done we have listed below;

  • Design, Build and installation of a new data centre in new office space
  • Installation of composite panelling system for 1-hour fire rated room with high security panelling
  • Provision of UPS 30kVA / 27kW, bypass panel and electrical systems, design and build of electric systems 
  • Design, installation and provision of one-hour fire rated block up doorways, security door and heavy duty anti-static vinyl flooring
  • Environmental Monitoring System and certified CAT6 data systems within the data centre.
  • Installation of anti-static vinyl flooring
  • Specialist guidance throughout the process



“INFINITI managed this project without relying on input from our already busy team. They went over and above what was required of them to solve issues – even removing a heating system that wasn’t part of their remit, but helped to save time. We would definitely use them again due to the effort and good work they put into this project.”

Clients Data Centre Manager

 “Designing a fully complaint PCI high density data centre within the financial services sector in record time posed a unique set of obstacles and challenges. The client’s IT team gave us their full trust and confidence and so quickly approved our design stages, which made the fast track project possible. This data centre construction project is a testament of what can be achieved when both client and contractor work together in tandem.”

Peter Sands, Managing Director, INFINITI

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